Thailand Holiday: Why Choose Thailand for First International Holiday

Thailand Holiday

Posted By: Admin 7 Mar, 2021

There are nearly 200 countries in the world and you can speak to Delta Airlines customer service to book a flight to any of them. However, many things make Thailand stand out from the rest. Below, we have listed a few reasons why you should choose Thailand for your first international holiday:

Here are the Reasons Why You Choose Thailand Holiday

The Food

It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be staying in Thailand for one day or months. The food here is very delicious. It’s also so diverse that you’ll never need to have the same dish more than once. When you visit here, you’ll discover that the cuisine is changing as your location changes. That keeps your food options very interesting as you get from one location to the other.

The Diving

Thailand has a 1500-mile coastline. It’s here that visitors get to enjoy some of the best diving experiences in the world. There’s no specific time when visitors should visit for diving activities. That’s because there are always some great spots for exploration under the sea. After all, the monsoon season doesn’t really affect areas such as Pattaya, a well-known spot for diving lovers. Other great diving destinations in Thailand include the Surin Islands, Koh Tao, Chumphon, and Koh Chang.

The Temples

Thailand boasts of at least 40,000 Buddhist temples located throughout the Land of Smiles. When you visit here, you won’t miss a few that catches your eye. The structures of these temples are dated back to many different dynasties, where each reflects that construction and architectural style in that era. Each province in Thailand has at least one of these temples although the most special and abundant are in the capital.

The Aspect of Adventure

Thailand has a unique terrain, which allows visitors to enjoy a wide range of adventurous activities. For instance, tourists can experience the thrills of the Elephant sanctuaries, especially for those that love animals. Those looking to find something a little more adventurous can decide to spend a day on a river for activities such as white water rafting. Additionally, there are trails for trekking, jungles for going through, waves for surfing, etc.

The Capital

Thailand’s capacity is Bangkok. This city is one of the most popular ones in the world and one of the primary reasons to visit this country. The city is home to at least 8 million people and many of them are expatriates.

That’s because, when someone tours this city and stays long enough, they don’t ever want to leave. Call the American Airlines Telefono for a booking to Thailand and let Bangkok be your first stop on your itinerary before you head to Southeast Asia.

Though the city can be overwhelming due to overcrowding, it’s still full of surprises. It has every top thing you would like to see or do. From sky bars, red-light districts, temples, art galleries to museums and parks, the city is full of wonders.  

The Markets

Thailand’s markets are unique. Each of these markets has a different character defined by the kinds of items sold and the crowds they attract. While some markets sell street eats, others are filled with secondhand and antique items. They are all unique attractions that no visitor can resist.

Rich Culture and History

Though modernity continuous to take root in most cities of Thailand, there are still pieces and bits of the country’s ancient and interesting culture especially intertwined with the modern urban décor.

Cities such as Sukhothai are modern but still houses a lot of ancients ruins that date back to the 1230s, during the era of the Siamese Kingdom. The history of this country is found in many forms of art such as Thai puppetry performances and traditional dancing.  

The Wildlife

There are many beaches, national parks, and mountainous terrains that are home to wildlife in Thailand. In central Thailand, wild boars, tigers, and a few elephants are found in Khao Yai National Park. To the south, all the beaches are full of monkeys. Visitors love to visit Monkey Beach in Koh Phi Phi.


There are surely many reasons why you should choose Thailand for your first international holiday. Call and speak to Delta Airlines customer service to book a flight to this amazing country.

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