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About the Airlines

TAP Air Portugal is one of the best flag carriers in Portugal. This airline was established in 1945 and has proven to be the most reliable flag carrier ever. Today the headquarters of the airline is in Lisbon in Portugal. Unknown to some, the airline has an impressive fleet size of 88.

Currently, TAP Air Portugal flies to over 90 different destinations spread across the globe. Passengers are free to fly either domestically or internationally. That’s why millions of travelers book TAP Air Portugal reservations.

TAP Air Portugal’s primary hub is in Lisbon Airport. Apart from that, the airline has another hub in Porto Airport.

How to Make a TAP Air Portugal Reservations

Flyers will be happy to know that there are multiple booking options. These days, passengers can either book the TAP Air Portugal booking online or offline. Some of these options include:

a) Booking on TAP Air Portugal’s official website

A traveler is free to visit www.flytap.com to complete a booking. Once you visit the website, you need to click the ‘More Options’ button. You’ll then have to click the ‘Book Flight’ option to start TAP Air Portugal online booking.

The next step is to select your preferred types of flight. Currently, TAP Air Portugal offers there types of flight namely:

  • Stop-over
  • Round-Trip
  • One way
  • Multiple City

After that, you’ll have to fill out some vital flight details such as:

  • Number of travelers
  • Departure date
  • Return date
  • Destination
  • Point of departure

b) Contact customer service

Alternatively, you can choose to contact a live customer care agent. Feel free to dial +1-800-931-1821 to talk to an agent. You’ll be relieved to know that customer care representatives are always reachable on the phone.

The agent will first capture your details then complete the TAP Air Portugal book flight for you.

c) Email TAP Air Portugal Customer Service

Unlike before, travelers can request TAP Air Portugal booking assistance via email. You can easily reach customer service on customer@tapmilesandgo.com. Once an agent sees your email, they’ll act on it within 24 hours.

More often than not, the agents will email you a flight confirmation message. This email will contact all the relevant flight details.

d) Complete booking on TAP Air Portugal App

Passengers can book TAP Air Portugal flight tickets on the airline’s mobile app. You’ll only need to navigate to the ‘Book flight’ option to start this online travel process. The next step is to fill out a few flight details to kick-start this travel process.

Once you search for scheduled flights, you’ll get a full list of them. Therefore, it’s up to you to select the flight that suits you best.

Flight Check-in Policy

TAP Air Portugal flight check-in policy expects you to confirm your flight in time. Luckily, the airline provides multiple flight confirmation options. They include;

  • Web check-in: firstly, you may choose to confirm the air ticket on www.flytap.com. Upon visiting the airport, you’ll need to click the ‘Check-in’ option. You’ll then have to provide details such as the last name and the booking code.
  • Confirm at the airport: travelers can check-in at the airport before their flight. You’ll meet a team of customer care agent that will confirm the reservation for you.

Kindly note that online check-in opens at least 24 hours before the flight. However, if you opt to do so online, you’ll need to do so at least 3 hours before departure time.

In-Flight Amenities

Nothing will impress you about TAP Air Portugal more than the facilities onboard. Passengers can access some of these luxurious facilities for free during the flight. Understandably, they will charge you a small fee to access some of these in-flight amenities.

Some of the notable facilities include:

  • In-flight Wi-Fi: flyers can access fast-speed internet during the flight. Kindly follow a few simple steps to activate it on your smartphone successfully. If you have a USB cable, you can share this Wi-Fi with your laptop.
  • Onboard restroom: unlike some airlines, TAP Air Portugal planes feature a clean bathroom. Travelers can use it to respond to the call of nature. However, it’s advisable that you inform the flight attendant before you leave your seat.
  • Comfy passengers’ seats: each passenger is entitled to one passenger seat. The good news is that these facilities are available for all flyers regardless of their travel class.
  • Headrests: each passenger’s seat features a headrest. For this reason, you can fly comfortably. TAP Air Portugal’s cabin crew won’t charge you an extra fee to access this facility.

Baggage Policy

The airline permits travelers to carry baggage to the plane. However, all travelers must abide by the baggage policies in place. Here is a list of some of these policies that you need to honor.

  • Kids enjoy a luggage allowance of  10 kilograms.
  • A personal bag can have maximum dimensions of 158 centimeters.
  • Checked baggage must not surpass 23 kilograms.
  • Executive class flyers can bring luggage of up to 32 kilograms.
  • A traveler can carry oversized baggage at an additional fee.

TAP Air Portugal Cancellation Policy

TAP Air Portugal flight cancellation policy allows travelers to cancel their TAP Air Portugal flight tickets. If you request repayment within 24 hours, you’ll have to cough up $30. More often than not, the airline deducts this fee from the already paid booking fee.

These days, you can either request repayment online or contact customer care. Please note that the cancellation policy solely applies to valid bookings.

Flight Change Policy

You’re free to change your TAP Air Portugal booking if you so, please. However, you must note that the airline will charge you a minimal flight change fee. Currently, the airline charges a minimum service charge of $50.

Apart from that, if you book a pricier reservation, you’ll need to top up the amount. Conversely, if you book a cheap flight, you’re at liberty to request repayment.

About TAP Air Portugal Customer Service

The airline has the warmest and most professional customer care agents. Travelers can reach them if they need immediate assistance. Don’t hesitate to dial +1-800-931-1821 to talk to one of these agents.

A less bankable option is to email them on customer@tapmilesandgo.com, they’ll get back to you. Nowadays, customer care representatives are available on social media platforms. Therefore, you can contact them to request immediate help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can’t remember my booking code. What should I do?

Don’t worry at all as customer care agents can be of help. Kindly contact them and request them to re-send the flight confirmation email. Before contacting customer support, you can refer to the confirmation email.

2. TAP Air Portugal customer care number is off. How else can I reach them?

As mentioned earlier, there are different ways of reaching customer care. You can choose to send them an email on customer@tapmilesandgo.com. These days, the agents respond to such emails within 36 hours.

3. I don’t speak Portuguese. Can I book a flight online?

Yes, you can! All you’ll need to do is to set your preferred language. Another option is to dial any of TAP Air Portugal customer care numbers.

4. Can I book a flight for three people under my TAP Air Portugal booking?

Yes, you can! During online booking, you need to specify the total number of travelers. Therefore, if you’d like to book for four people, you’ll have to stipulate that.

5. I feel unwell and can’t manage to fly. Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can! the airline gives you the right to nullify a valid reservation. You don’t have to explain the reason for the cancellation. You must, however know that the customer care agent will deduct a minimum service charge of $30.

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