Romantic Harry Potter Destinations Around the World

Romantic Harry Potter Destinations

Posted By: Admin 23 Feb, 2021

Some of us grew up reading about Harry Potter’s magical world. The feeling of excitement that one had while waiting for the release of the next Harry Potter book was incomparable. It’s also exciting to remember how some of us used to attend midnight premieres of every movie adaptation while dressed up as our favorite characters. 

Now, you’re already a grown-up. However, the magic is still alive and kicking. Fortunately, today we have many Harry Potter-themed places throughout the world where you and your significant other can attend and channel the magic. 

This post contains a list of romantic Harry Potter destinations around the world. Hopefully, you’ll find one or more suitable destinations for you. 

Here are the Romantic Harry Potter Destinations

Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Alnwick Castle in the Northumberland is one of the largest occupied castles in the world. It’s a photogenic castle and a Hollywood Industry’s favorite. This castle has been utilized as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in many Harry Potter film scenes for a long time. For that, it has gained a lot of popularity.

If you want to create some beautiful romantic memories, you do Delta Airlines Booking and fly to this destination. You’ll enjoy scenes like Harry’s First Broomstick Training, the Collision of the Flying Car Driven by Ron (2nd part of the series), etc. The Duchess and Duke of Northumberland live in the castle.

Leadenhall Market, Diagon Alley

Leadenhall Market is located in London, England, United Kingdom. It’s a historical market situated at the heart of London’s financial center. Though the place has always been popular, its popularity was accelerated by being a star in the Harry Potter film series.

Also, this market is not only historical but iconic as it was used in shooting the outer scenes of the Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter world. It’s a wonderful destination for any romantic couple to visit.

Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral is another romantic Harry Potter destination located in Gloucester, England. For many years, this place has been used to shoot many of the Hogwarts scenes through the Harry Potter series. The place was first utilized in the Sorcerer’s stone and the Harry Potter.

The cloisters in the Gloucester Cathedral served both as the place in which the Chamber of Secrets was established and the Gryffindor corridors on which Myrcella was roaming. It’s a stunningly beautiful cathedral and an important destination for shooting that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

Kings Cross Station, England

If you and your loved one love to take nice pictures, then this is the place to be. Here, you can pose in front of Platform 9 3/4 and capture stunning pictures that run through the wall. The pictures look as if you already have your Hogwarts letter.

It’s a must-visit destination if you ever travel in England and find some time to spare. Visiting the Kings Cross Station will only take about an hour of your time and it’s worth it.

University of Oxford, England

Take the advantage of the easy and affordable British Airways booking opportunity and fly to the most historical schools of England. The University of Oxford is also a huge inspiration for Harry Potter scenes. Taking a tour around this university, you’re going to find yourselves in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. You can also visit other popular places.

Millennium Bridge, English

The Millennium Bridge is another perfect romantic Harry Potter destination. Here, you and your loved one will be able to walk across the bridge and experience the thrill of the Harry Potter magic. Additionally, the place offers a perfect view of London.

The Elephant House, Scotland

The Elephant House is a small yet adorable café that serves as Harry Potter’s birthplace. The J.K. Rowling produced the first manuscript enjoyed some tea and coffee at The Elephant House. It has now become a popular destination that attracts many tourists every year.  

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios, Florida

This is one of the first places for many Harry Potter’s die-hard to visit. It’s an attraction filled with details of Honeydukes Candy Store, Ollivander’s Wand Shop and so much more. Stepping into this place makes you feel like you’re a Hogwarts student.

What’s more, there are lots of memorable rides that you two can hop on. You’ll also enjoy seeing great adrenaline-pumping exhibits.

Freshwater West Beach, England

You must be remembering the devastating scene where Ron, Hermionie, and Harry bury Dobby at a place near the sea. If you do, then skip the busy theme parks and the hectic London streets and visit Wales instead. There, you’ll be able to see the beach at which it was filmed. Though you won’t find the creaky ancient house anymore, you and your significant other will enjoy the beautiful sight of the tides.


These are some of the romantic Harry Potter Destinations Around the World for you to visit. Most of them are found in England though there’s one in Scotland and another in Florida. However, they are all worth a visit. So, do dial Delta Airlines telefono espenol for booking and take a trip to your favorite destination.

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