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Reasons Why Melbourne is an Ultimate Holiday Destination and Worth Visiting

Melbourne is notably one of the most intriguing cities that you will ever visit in your life! Travelers are up for an electric mix of live music, rooftop bars, Mediterranean food, uniqueness, and individuality. The city is bustling with an array of exciting activities that you cannot miss out on at any cost! The city has such a unique culture that sets it apart from all other cities in Australia.

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Reasons for Visiting Melbourne

1. Phillip Island National park

Located 90 minutes from Melbourne, Phillip Island National park is filled with abundant wildlife that will fill your hearts with happiness and excitement. It is the land of penguins, adorably called the “Penguin Parade”. The penguins return home every sunset to the largest penguins’ colony on Phillip Island.

You must book in advance for seeing the penguins with the raised boardwalks running parallel to the penguin shelters for close viewing.

2. Gourmet culinary scenes

Melbourne is home to the fantastic culinary scenes that you can ever imagine! Whether it is the chocolates, sweets, pastries, whisky, or wine that you are craving, you can find everything on the streets of Melbourne. Lygon St is the little Italy of Melbourne filled with classic restaurants, coffee houses, cheese cafes, etc.

The many lanes of Melbourne are home to trendy bars, cafes, and chocolate shops ensuring that the travelers do not feel hungry at any point in time. Many lanes offer food tours that you can book with Qantas Reservations.

3. Unique architecture

The laneways of Melbourne are so ecstatic and iconic with galleries, art boutiques, and trendy cafes in every street in Melbourne. All the laneways feature artworks from the past giving artistic expressions with the artworks changing regularly. Street art has become popular in that street art tours are given for discovering the hidden pathways.

Some of the best street art locations are in ACDC lane paying tribute to the Australian band. Other street arts can be found in Centre Place, Hosier Lane, Union Lane, Russell Place, Drewery and Sniders Lane, etc.

4. Mornington Peninsula

Just an hour’s driveway from Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula is what you have been waiting to experience your whole life. It is a majestic rural place great for road trips and enjoying the fresh air of the countryside. You can visit a lavender farm or even take a beach horse ride and wander from the maze hedges.

There are so many wineries and microbreweries located in the region. Take the Beer, Cider, and Spirits Trail, or even the Wine Food Farmgate Trail. All the artisan retailers can finish off their trip with gourmet food and wine experiences.

5. Great Ocean Road

Ocean Road is known for its dramatic limestone cliffs and raging through the rugged Victoria’s coastline that turns out to be an Instagrammer dream. The views are so stunning that you will just want to stare at the locations. The Otway Ranges is a lush evergreen forest surrounded by pretty waterfalls.

The limestone cliffs are the highlights created millions of years ago because of the erosion of the seaside cliffs. You can find 8 Apostles still left standing there. Take the night drive for experiencing the beauty most grandly.


These are some of the reasons for visiting Melbourne in Australia! Plan to visit Melbourne soon and you will be thrilled by the beauty of the place that you will see!


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