United Airlines Pet Policy

Know About United Airlines Pet Policy

We all love pets. They are also a significant part of us. So it is always imperative to know in detail whenever you are going somewhere with a pet in the air. It is the pet’s safety that should be one of the main concerns when you want to finish your journey in comfort. 

With United Airlines’, your pet can travel with you in the same cabin. According to the United Airlines pet policy, the passenger flying in the domestic aircraft for any other state can end his journey with his pet than the passenger flying for another country with United. 

United Airlines Pet Policy

Criteria for the Pet

Your dog, cat, bird, and rabbit will have the permission to travel with you in United’s cabin as United Airlines pet cargo. United transports only dogs and cats as their air cargo with United Airlines pet fee. They also include your household bird and rabbits in the domestic flight’s cabin.

United Airlines Requirements for Pets

United Airlines pet travel policy says, when you have your little puppy with you that fits in a carrier or kennel (TSA-approved), then the authority would allow your pet to travel in a cabin place that fits under the chair in front of the passenger. Know United Airlines pet fee by calling to the United Airlines pet cargo phone number.

For the hard-sided carrier or kennel, the company has some rules and regulations that should be followed by the passengers. If you are carrying any hard-sided kennel, it must be within 17.5 ʺx 12 ʺx 7.5 ʺ in the dimensions. A little more comfort zone is available for the United Airlines pet carrier with soft-sides as it easily fits under any chair. It also will have the measurement of 18ʺx 11ʺx 11ʺ.

But for the dogs, the United’s has no specific size chart to be followed for the passengers. 

As a dog owner, you have to know the United Airlines pet fee  and what is specified for your beautiful pet if you have to travel with it on United’s aircraft. If you have arranged any kennel for a pet, then it must have to meet TSA standards. So for any more details about United Airlines pet carrier restrictions, you should contact the United Airlines customer service

United’s has a single ticket for each of the single pet. Neither their pet parent nor any minor can accompany them with this single ticket. Your dog will have the place that comes in front of your chair. It will travel in its carrier inside all the time. If you have confusion you can contact United Airlines pet cargo phone number. 

Documentation and Health Requirements to Fly in-Cabin 

United’s has fixed United Airlines flying with pets regulations. The pet that travels in their aircraft must have to be four months aged to be allowed for United’s travel. For the older and aged dog that is too big to be fitted in-cabin, then they will fly through the Pet Safe program of United Airlines.

With United Airlines pet policy, all pet dogs must have their certificate of health. They will have documentation that proves any vet has done this vaccination of rabies. If they have completed with rabies vaccine in recent time, then they will not be allowed to travel in United’s aircraft until it passes 30 days. So if you are traveling with your doggy, then be sure that you complete the vaccination 30 days before your tour. For any advice or indecision about your pet’s vaccination, you can visit your vet’s chamber.

Charge for the Pet and Reservation Procedures 

Passengers can reserve their dog’s place in the flight when they book their own. For online booking, you have to visit the official website Unitedcargo. Here you will see a webpage that asks you the total number of travelers along with the pets in that cabin. You can also include a dog to the flight under the booking tab called Manage reservation. You can book your United’s flight by calling customer care.

They will inform you about the cost of traveling on your route with your dog. United Airlines pet fee for in-cabin traveling with a dog is 125 USD for a pet one way. For the resting period in between over four hours, you have to pay 125 USD more.  For the international tour, if you have spent your twenty-four hours’ layover period, you have to pay extra fees to the authority.

Other Exceptional United Airlines Pet Rules

When you book a flight for Hawaii, then you cannot go with your dog in-cabin. According to the United Airlines pet policy, United also doesn’t accept the vast crate having seven hundred series. Now they allow either one dog or cat in the travel crate. If you have a pair of puppies and kittens lower than six months, then they can fly together in that crate of the United. But their weight must be less than twenty pounds. 

Passengers have to visit the official site for United Airlines pet policy and other news if they connect from any other nation to the US as their final destination. You cannot travel with Pit Bullies on United’s in-cabin flight. The dogs labeled as “Service dogs” are free from any restrictions on the crate size or the pet charge. The same is about the emotional support of giving dogs and Therapy dogs.

United Airlines pet reservation in cabin charge 125 USD as a service charge. The United’s authority also demands authentic certification of any licensed doctor and veterinarian confirmation in support of your claim that the dog you carry with you is emotional support or therapeutic animal. All the certificated and documents will not exceed one year to be accepted by the United’s authority.  You need to submit three forms online along with the documentation before 48 hours of flight.  

Pet Safe Program

Pet Safe program is United Airlines transport program. It is made especially for the shipping of your pet. If the pet of any passenger is not eligible for in-cabin travel, then it can fly with you in a separate compartment according to this Pet Safe program. The United authority ensures that your pets are safe and comfortable in a pressurized climatic controlled room when you reserve a United flight. United Airlines pet fee. Pets weighing from 2lbs to 770 lbs can easily travel with Pet Safe. You can dial United Airlines telefono Espenol for know more about pet travel.

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