Southwest Airlines Pet Policy

Southwest Airlines Authority is so Careful About Traveling Pet in the Carrier

If you decide to go to the itinerary with your domestic pet, Southwest Airlines pet policy will help you realize your wish. But before you go, you need the confirmation of the airline authority. If your pet qualifies for all the requirements according to the pet policy, then it can go with you in a cabin. For traveling, in-cabin passengers need a pet cage or carrier approved by the southwest airline.

Pet Carrier Requirements

The Southwest Airlines pets have a fixed carrier measurement of 8.5ʺ *18.5*13.5 inches. The compressed height of the cage is possible with the soft-sided wall of the pet carrier. A spacious room in the pet carrier would help a pet stand, sit, or turn around.  There must be waterproof drainage in the bottom part of the cage with proper ventilation in the Southwest Airlines pet carrier.

Southwest Airlines Pet Policy

Pet’s Permission

With Southwest Airlines pet policy, a passenger can carry one pet with him on the flight. Two pets are allowed if they are small pets and can be taken together in the same cage. So they need to be the same species.

What Pets are Allowed?

Small household dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds are allowed as Southwest Airlines pets in the cabin of the flight.

Age Limitation for the Pet

When you wish to fly with your pet on the Southwest Airlines flight, your pet must be of the age of eight weeks at least.

Route Limitations

According to Southwest Airlines pet policy, you cannot fly abroad with your household pet Southwest Airlines.  Only in the islands of Hawaii, the Airlines give pet service. To know better call Southwest Airlines pet reservation number. 

Served Airports

The airline serves different places in Mexico, the US, and the Caribbean. 

Pet Checked Baggage Policy  

At present, the airline doesn’t provide service for the checked baggage and Southwest Airlines pet cargo for any animals. Also, they don’t give Air cargo service for domestic pets in flight.

Rules for Emotional Support and Service Animals

  • The trained dogs employed by the Law enforcement branch for their duties are allowed to travel in the cabin of Southwest aircraft without Southwest Airlines pet fee until they have their handlers. The Airline authority may ask for an explanation of the mission of the Law Enforcement branch. 
  • The Airlines also allows the service and the Emotional support animals in the domestic and international aircraft cabin with Southwest Airlines pet policy cost. With an emotional support pet, you have to give Southwest Airlines pet fare and a verbal assurance of animal training.  The Airlines will not accept Identity Card or any types of registry documents as proof.  If there is any incomplete information about the passengers’ disability in the reservation, the Airline may ask about the service animals serving to the passenger. With Southwest Airlines pet policy. Airlines accept only cats, dogs, and small horses as service animals in recent times if you pay Southwest Airlines pet cost. So. All these animals must have the ability to give service or emotional support to their master of mental or physical disabilities.
  • Passengers should inform the airline about their pets before travel. As a passenger with a pet, you have to be careful about the behavior of the pet though you pay. It cannot disturb the other passengers or the regular service of the cabin. Proper sanitary arrangements have to be arranged by you for your pet.

Some Information About Pet Fee and Transport

You have to inform Southwest Airlines pet reservation that you will travel with your pet. There is no option for a pet reservation online with pet fare. The transport of pets in the cabin needs 95 dollars for Southwest Airlines pet travel one-way. The passengers can secure a boarding pass online. Passengers can do the same at the check-in near the curbside.  It is available in the airport kiosk or the ticket booth of the Airline.  Customers can pay the pet fee in advance when they book their tickets with Southwest Airlines pet reservation number.

They allows only six pets in a flight with Southwest Airlines pet policy cost .So if you do booking for your pet, then you can secure one spot for it among the six. Call Southwest Airlines pet reservation number 1-800-435-9792 to get a refund when you change your plan with a booking. If Southwest cancels any flight, you can demand a refund of Southwest Airlines pet fee from the authority. They will refund the pet fare to you. If you want, they can transfer your pet to any other flight if you rebook.

The Southwest points earned cannot be used to pay for the pets in the Southwest.

Rules for the Kittens and Puppies

The kittens and puppies with more than eight weeks of age can fly the in-cabin domestic flight for Southwest Airlines flying with pets.

Banned Animals

The airline have no problem with every species of animal in the flight cabin. But they will not tolerate any misbehavior in flight.

No pets are accepted by airline without a passenger though they pay Southwest Airlines pet policy cost. They carry pets in the cabin only; there is no permission for pets as checked baggage. Whatever you need to book the flight cabin of Southwest, you should register your pet in advance. Call on +1-855-936-1490 to get 24/7 Customer Service from Southwest Airlines. Consult with them about your pet reservation policy and Southwest Airlines carry on pet policy. The first-come, the first-served policy is taken by the authority to manage pets in the flight cabin.  The airline authority can refuse aggressive animals. 

Other Requirements for Pets

Proper vaccination of pets is a must when you fly with your pet. So you will need the help of a licensed vet who will confirm the necessary vaccination before you take off.

Flying can be stressful for your pet as Southwest Airlines pet cargo, especially if they are the first to fly in the air. So a good check-up of your vet is a must. It will ensure that your pet is mentally or physically perfect for flying. The Airline doesn’t require any authentic documents of vaccination. But you need to complete the necessary vaccination before you fly with a pet.

Arrange a suitable Southwest Airlines pet travel bag or pet carrier in advance of your flight.

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