JetBlue is so Acceptable for Passengers Flying with Pets

Pet is always loveable to us.  We remain concerned about our pets when we go out on any itinerary. But now you will be tension free with JetBlue pet policy that cares for the pets as they care its other passengers.

One of the most popular airlines for pet care is JetBlue. So if you plan for a tour with JetBlue pet carrier, you plan for a smooth journey in actuality.

To arrange your set off trouble-free, read all the JetBlue pet policy online beforehand. 

Traveling is pleasant with our pets. Be it Fur- Meows or be it Paw-pies, all need care as they need love. But when we are on a flight, we sometimes remain feared as they need lots of care and attention even on the flight.

JetBlue Pet Policy

What JetBlue Provides to the Passengers?

For passengers with pets, The airline has special arrangements. Even if you have confused about the service and emotional dog traveling with you, you can call customer service or contact the JetBlue pet reservation center. The airline assistants will guide you to know about the JetBlue Airlines pet policy. 

As a customer, you may have several queries about the JetBlue service pet policy. So you can visit the official site. You will find the JetBlue Airlines Pet policy in detail.

May I Travel in-Cabin with My Pet?

Passengers are free to travel with their pet in the flight cabin.

There are some guidelines that the passengers have to follow when traveling with pet in airline. 

JetBlue Pet Policy

Per 1 passenger, one pet is allowed in the cabin of flight. The pet may be kittens or puppies, and it may be an adult cat or dog. Each passenger has permission to carry one pet with a single flight ticket.

No pet is allowed in the cabin of a flight unless it is eight weeks older. The maximum age limit for the pet is six months, not more than that.

With JetBlue pet carrier regulations, you cannot exceed the 20 pounds limit of the pet carrier for JetBlue Airlines travel with pets. So the total weight of the pet cage will be 9 kg.

JetBlue Pet Cost

To transport pets from one place to another JetBlue pet fee is $125 USD each time per single carrier. You may mention pets when reserving a flight ticket. The official site will show you JetBlue pet policy cost.

Pet Norm Traveling in the Cabin

In general, airlines allow one carry-on and one personal thing in the flight for each ticket. Your carry on is your pet when you have a pet cage with you. So the authority will count it in the provisions given in carrying on. 

As a customer, you will remember that cats and dogs may travel in a cabin of flight with a JetBlue pet fee but not a bird as a pet.

As the First Class cabin floor is narrow enough, you cannot fly with a pet in the First Class. The same rule is valid for all the flight to or from Boston, New York, Hawaii, and all the routes abroad.

What is the JetBlue Pet Carrier Size?

The pet cage should maintain its weight within 9kg or 20Ibs

A pet cage will be a waterproof container having its dimension 17×12.5x 8.5 inches maximum as JetBlue pet carrier size.

Pet’s As Checked Baggage

Treatment of pets like checked baggage is not allowed in the the airline.

Pet As Cargo

No pet will be treated as JetBlue pet cargo in flight as per the JetBlue pet policy.

 Health papers of pets are necessary for traveling in flight with a pet. 

JetBlue Pet Reservation

Passengers should be careful enough about their pet’s health during JetBlue pet reservation before setting off with a pet.  So you have to visit your vet for the necessary documents for your journey.

Passengers should be ready with the JetBlue pet travel documents that prove their pet’s vaccination. All these records you have to keep ready with you. The airline will ask for it based on your route.

A health certificate of your pet is necessary for your journey with a pet. So visit your vet and ask for the document before travel.

It is best to inform the airline authority about your journey with the pet to get a pet license. Contact the JetBlue reservations Department at least forty eight hours before your flight. Tell them about the planning of the journey with a pet. They will guide you with JetBlue pet travel rules.

Rules for the Emotional and Psychiatric Service Animals on Flight

Per one passenger, They allows one service pet.ESA needs no extra charge in JetBlue.

According to JetBlue pet policy, the service pet must be one place on the floor. It will not get any seats.

If your pet is so small that you can manage it in your lap, you can carry it there. You have to be cautious that a small pet will not go to another adjacent place to disturb other customers. For a big service pet, you have to book an extra seat. It cannot fit itself in the footprint place. If you are patient enough, you may wait for an alternative seat. 

Except for the exit-row seat, service animals can get any seat in the flight.

According to the JetBlue service pet policy, Service and Emotional Support live animals can travel without fees in the flight cabin. The authority of airline can arrange all special needs with ease if you book your flight early. They serve their customers on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Psychiatric service pet and emotional support animal needs certificate form of mental and medical health.
  • Health form of vet
  • Animal behavior confirmation of customers.

5 Facts You Should Know Traveling with Pet

The airline has no provision to accept animals as check baggage or cargo. The cargo room of JetBlue is not pressurized well for a live animal.  So don’t negotiate.

All pets have to come in any comfortable cage-like carry-on baggage to suit into the cabin of the aircraft.

You have to keep your pets in their cage in the airport terminal, throughout lading, and take off and in the flight. The airline has a pet program for its customers. It is the Jet Paws Program. Through this program, the pet passengers get a cage tag with some tips about JetBlue pet travel rules, and they also earn some points. Contact JetBlue Telefono Espenol for any kind of issue on pet policy

JetBlue Pet Travel – Frequently Asked Questions

Can my pet travel with me in the JetBlue cabin?

Yes, on certain flights.

Does my pet qualify as checked baggage in JetBlue?

The airline doesn’t offer checked baggage service for live animals.

Does my pet qualify as manifest cargo?

No, The airline has no air cargo service for the pets.

What animals does JetBlue accept as a service animal?

Small dogs and cats.

What are the age requirements for the Puppies and kittens?

Puppies and kittens must be at least 8 weeks of age to fly on domestic flights.

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