Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Delta Airlines Pet Travel Policy for Domestic and International Passengers

With the ‘first come first serve’ policy Delta has accepted the travel of pets. They have limitations in their capacity. So for the Business and the First class customers, they allow 2pets in each of the classes. For the main cabin, they allow only four pets. There are some strict rules that you have to obey to fly. Delta Airlines pet policy helps you to get a comfortable and safe journey with your pet.

Criteria for the Pet 

Domestic animals like cats, dogs, birds that have been already 15 weeks older have permission to travel with the passengers in the cabin.

In-Cabin Rules

For in-cabin travelers, the authority of they allows only one pet in a single carrier according to the Delta Airlines pet policy. When a female cat or dog fly across the USA domestic borders, then the mother cat can go with her litter, not above six months in age.  In that case, both the mother and her litter will be allowed to travel in a single carrier.  To speak about the animal carrier, you have to choose a 21 x 15 x 16 inches room for the pet. 

In-Cargo Rules

Those animals who are not fit for in-cabin travel because of their vastness will fly without their owners as Delta Airlines pet cargo. So the airline authority always demands a fit certificate of those pets carried off by the Delta. For this, you need to have the certificate of ant licensed vet. With it, you can request by calling on Delta Airlines pet reservation number to carry your pet as Delta Cargo.

The different types of carriers will have different dimensions. So the airline authority has set down some dimensions to be followed by the customers. 27 x 20 x 19ʺ, 36 x 24 x 26ʺ, 32 x 22 x 23ʺ, 40 x 27 x 30ʺ and 48 x 32 x 35 ʺ are the carrier dimensions set by the airline authority. The customers can choose any of them for the pet paying Delta Airlines pet cargo rates.

What is important for any pet carrier is its sturdiness so that your pet can sit, stand, sleep or turn around or move here and there of that carrier comfortably. So, always be very sure about the solid roof, nuts, and walls of that carrier. It will be sturdy enough with bolts and nuts. There will be good ventilation also.

Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Pet Rule for the Service Animal/ Emotional Support

The airline passengers have the opportunity to fly with their pets that are their service or emotional support animal. But its age has to be within four months.  So this is a grand opportunity that you can avail yourself of with Delta Airlines flying with pets policy. Only you need to submit some authentic documents along with pets Delta Airlines fees to the airline authority before you go for a happy journey. You can also call on Delta Airlines pet cargo number 1-800-352-2746 for details.

 Documents You Need:

  • According to Delta Airlines new pet policy, you need a Health card of any licensed vet that proves the pet’s immunization. You may show any other authentic papers as proof of vaccination in recent.
  • You need an authentic certificate from any licensed doctor. He will be an expert on the mental health of the animals.
  • You also require a Signed training certificate for your pet.
  • Delta has there diffident methods by which they allow their passengers to fly to their destinations. With Delta Airlines pet policy, any pet can travel in the cabin of the passengers. There it will be treated as checked baggage. In a pressurized and humid controlled area of the plane, the authority may ship them like cargo. Here the pets will remain in the temperature-controlled, pressurized room at the time of shipping. 
  • Though the airline authority has several options for the shipping of pets, you have to know if the pet with you is eligible for those options or not to for traveling in the passenger’s cabin. So call Delta Airlines pet reservation number.

Pets Qualifications:

  • You will have a small pet that fits well in the kennel. The kennel will be placed under your opposite chair so that you can monitor it.
  • According to Delta Airlines pet reservations, in boarding or deplaning, you must keep your pet in the secured kennel, and when you are onboard, it must be in the aircraft.
  • You have to obey the set rule about the kennel you are carrying with you. For the details, you can contact the Delta Airlines telefono +1-855-671-0784 to know Delta Airlines pet policy with Delta Airlines pet carry on rules. They will know you about Delta Airlines new pet Policy and the exact size of your carry-on kennel. Your pet will be the age of 8 weeks at least to board on the flight. 
  • You must book a flight in the US boundary to travel with your pet. It comprises Bermuda, the Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico except for Hawaii.
  • As a pet owner, you will be sure that the pet with you will remain under the chair, in its kennel. It will be there until the flight reaches its destination.
  • As a pet owner, you will not be allowed more than one pet for a single journey. For the exceptions, contact on Delta Airlines pet cargo number or visit the official website.
  • The airline has limitations in the pet’s number for every single flight. For the First Class passengers, 2 Pets s are allowed, and for Business Elite® passengers, they permit two animals, and in the main cabin, the authority allows four pets. Know Delta Airlines pet cargo rates when you reserve a flight.
  • Maybe your pet is not fitted for Delta’s criteria to travel in-cabin or like your checked baggage; contact Delta Air Lines Pet First at 1-888-SEND-PET (888-736-3738) to know more.

Additional Delta Airlines Pet Policy Guidelines

If you plan a travel with your pet in Delta aircraft, your reservation needs to confirm before taking off. For International Pet Shipments or Delta Airlines international pet travel, the booking should be complete three to thirty days before. If your flight is US-based, then Pet Shipments reservation should complete at least 24 hours before your flight. So you can guess that travelling is always very enjoyable with Delta Airlines and pets in-cabin. They get treatment as non-dangerous and non-offensive passengers.

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