American Airlines Pet Policy

What is American Airlines Pet Policy You Should Know Before Flying?

American Airlines suspends their ‘checked baggage in-cargo’ and American Airlines pet policy services with pet reservation for all pet animals due to the COVID pandemic. They have analyzed the demands on cargo and have decided to give this service later to their customers.

Pet Policy for In-Cabin

American Airlines pet policy says that you need an approved pet carrier to travel on the flight. But, before that, you need approval from the airline authority. To travel with pets (dog or cat) in the cabin as American Airlines cargo pets, you need to maintain some regulations. 

American Airlines Pet Policy

What Are the Main Features of the Pet Carrier?

Among the main features of the teat carrier, there must be a waterproof leathery bottom.  A spacious air carrier you need to maintain your pet into it.  A vast American Airlines pet carrier ensures the comfort of the pet with you. Whenever they stand, turn around, or sleep, that carrier will provide a comfortable environment for your pet. The pet cage should secure with nuts and bolts. It will have proper ventilation. Before you book a AA flight, you should know American Airlines pet fee from the authority.

The Standard Size of the Carrier

The airline have given the standard size American Airlines pet carrier of 19in x 13in x 9inch for the flight. You cannot exceed that. If you have a soft-sided American Airlines pet travel carrier, then the relaxation on the measurement will increase more.

They allows small domestic animals like cats and dogs but to board on the Airlines in-cabin flight. The pets will be not less than eight weeks in age. To know more call American Airlines pet cargo phone number.

Where Are the Pets Allowed Where They are Not?

American Airlines pet policy never allows pets on the transpacific and transatlantic flights cabin. But they permit their passengers to fly with pet in-cabin with American Airlines pet cargo cost for several destinations in the US. Hawaii is the only exception. You can fly Central America, Canada, Mexico, St. Thomas Alaska, Puerto Rico, and St. Croix flights where your journey will not exceed 11 ½ hours the flight.

American Airlines pet travel is not allowed in -cabin in Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Hawaii, Venezuela, or the EU countries. For assistance or service, dogs only are allowed by the airline authority in-cabin flights to the United Kingdom and Ireland. If your pet cannot fly in-cabin of the airline, it can go as American Airlines cargo pets. American Airlines pet cargo number will inform you more.

Restrictions on the Aircraft 

American Airlines pet policy  says that keeping pets in the cabin is not allowed in the Business or First Class aircraft of American airlines: 757-EW, 757-L, 777-200, 767, 787-8, 777-300, 787-9, A330-300 and Airbus A330-200.

Carrier Conditions

 Generally, the allow pets in a single count in every route with American Airlines pet fee unless you have a mother pet with her unweaned litter. So based on the flight route, the size of the carrier is decided. You can contact the American Airlines customer service to know American Airlines pet rules in detail. 

If two same-size pets can go in the same carrier, two pets will get permission to travel together. If there has adequate space in the pet’s cage to stand up or move around, then you can carry them with you in that carrier. But you have to be sure that the maximum weight of the cage will remain within 20 pounds. If you have any query, you can ask to American Airlines pet policy phone number.  

Pet Check-In Policy

When you are going for your flight, you have to complete your check-in at the passenger booth. Animals have no permission for curbside check-in.  But don’t worry; your pet will be considered carry-on luggage for the airlines. For this, you have to pay the required amount for American Airlines pet transport.

American Airlines Pet Fee

American Airlines flying with pets cost 125USD. You need to pay the amount to the authority of the airline. If you have a pet carrier on the flight, they will get treatment as carry-on luggage. For service animals, the American Airlines pet fee is Zero. No charge they want to carry your pet.

The airline does not demand a licensed vet certificate to travel in domestic or American Airlines international pet travel. They are free to travel in-cabin with it. Some of the states are there that demand health certificates. So it is your responsibility to meet your vet and consult the Agriculture Department to go with the American Airlines pet carrier requirements and airlines’ regulations. 

For one passenger, AA accept One Emotional Support Animal. Only cats or dogs qualify for ESAs. If the passenger is a disabled one, then the authority permits a small horse as a service animal. But all the service animals have to be at least four months aged with proper vaccination to qualify as a service animal. If you have confusion, you can contact American Airlines telefono Espenol or American Airlines pet cargo phone number +1-855-936-1490. They will know you American Airlines pet cargo cost.

Checked Baggage Policy for the Pet

The airline doesn’t offer the checked baggage for pet animals. All the restrictions are there for the COVID-19 situation. Larger animals that are not fit under a chair may go with the cargo department. The temperature of the cargo room for American Airlines pet cargo is the same as the passenger cabin. 

Traveling with a pet to or from Brazil needs $150 with an AA flight.  For the other destination, it is 200$. When the temperature is above 29.4°C or below 7.2°C, the airlines will not carry the pet as checked baggage or cargo. Know American Airlines pet cargo cost by calling American Airlines pet cargo number +1-855-936-1490.

According to the American Airlines pet rules, the accepted temperature for Pets is less than 45°F. 24/7 customer service of the airline will assist you with a new schedule of pets when temperatures remain the same for some days.

Exceptional American Airlines Pet Rules

Some breeds are not allowed to fly with American Airlines pet travel. They are snub-nosed and brachycephalic cats and dogs that have respiratory issues causing by their heredity. It is their nose which falls you love them so much. But it is that nose that makes this breathing problem for those cute pets in a flight for the high altitude.

  • To avoid this type of issue, passengers can avoid the months of summer for traveling.
  • The passengers can maintain hydration when the pets are on the long–haul flight abroad.
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I had no problem to flying with my small puppy. American Airlines pet policy is great for small pets. they allows light weight pets in cabin. Great Airline policy.

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