Allegiant Air pet policy

Allegiant Air Pet Travel Policy for Domestic and International Passengers

One of the most popular airlines of America is Allegiant Airline that runs chartered and scheduled flights. Allegiant has focused on leisurely travelers of the small cities coming from a cold climate to a warm. The airline has frequent flights, and they carry few passengers in the Business Class.  The authority of Allegiant Airlines has dearly attitude toward their passengers. But they also take care of all the live animals that company the passengers.

Allegiant Airlines knows well that it is the love and care that the pets want. Keep them in mind the authority has arranged different facilities. All such facilities we get through the Allegiant Air pet policy. Now we would discuss the Allegiant Air pet policy in detail.

Allegiant Air Pet Policy

Pet Transport Norm

Passengers have to pay $100 as an Allegiant Air pet fee for the in-cabin carrier in each one- way flight. Each pet carrier can contain a maximum of two pets at once.

The pet carrier must be well ventilated and spacious. There will be enough room so that the pats can sit, stand, and turn around inside it. The container must be waterproof.

No pet is allowed to be taken out of the cage until it reaches the destination.

The passenger’s age limit for carrying pets into the cabin is at least 15 years.

All the passengers should register their pets in the booking in advance. Call Allegiant pet policy phone number on 702-505-8888 and tell them about your intent.

The passenger flying with the trained service pet for his disabilities must give assurance verbally about his pets. He will state that the animal with him for service has full training. The allegiant accepts fully trained animals only as of the service pet.

If you have any doubt, you can ask the Allegiant pet policy phone number. Ask does allegiant allow pets in the cabin or not, they will answer.

In-Cabin Pets with Allegiant Airlines Pet Travel Policy

If you get the approval of the authority, you can transport them in the flight cabin.

According to the Allegiant airlines pet travel policy 

Cat and dogs must not be less than twelve weeks of their age.

The pets will have the certificate of their vaccination before taking off with the Allegiant flight.

Only the dogs and cats have permission to travel in the Allegiant air cabin with their owner.

The dogs appointed as a guide dog is allowed in the cabin irrespective of their size and weight.

The Allegiant air pet carrier for the pets is 19ʺx16ʺx9ʺ

Health forms are not necessary for the pets traveling in the Allegiant Air cabin.

The pet reservation is available online with an Allegiant air pet fee when you book your own. Otherwise, complete your check- in with the pets at least forty-five minutes to four hours before departure.

You have to arrive at Allegiant airport with all the necessary documents for your destination. You must show them at the time of check-in when you travel abroad.

Service and Emotional support animals are welcome in the Allegiant air cabin with Allegiant Airlines pet travel policy.

Allegiant Airline accepts only cats, dogs, and small horses. No Pit Bulls or their breeds are welcome in Allegiant Air as emotional and support dogs as Allegiant Air service pet policy. From one passenger, the authority allows one service or emotional support animal.

Passengers need to visit their vet to collect full documentation of their pets. They must present it to any representative of the Allegiant at least 45 minutes before the departure schedule.

Your pets must come with their ID card, tag, or any other paper in the airport. Otherwise, the disabled passenger has to give verbal assurance about its pets.

To obey the Allegiant air service pet policy, all the documents should present to the authority at least one hour before flying. To obey the Allegiant Air service pet policy, all the documents have to be presented to the authority at least one hour ago before flaying.

Only cats and dogs are allowed for transport through Allegiant Air.

The checked baggage policy for pets:

Allegiant Air doesn’t provide checked baggage services for any pet or love animals.

Air cargo for pets:

Allegiant air has no Allegiant air pet cargo service for the line or pet animals.

Served Airports

The airports where Allegiant air serves are US, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Important Guidelines

  • When a passenger travels with a pet, the allegiant recommends check-in at the ticket booth one hour before scheduled departure.
  • Remain to alert your Pet’s personal needs.

It may react to the social ambiance in flight. So consult your vet to understand Allegiant pet rules before travel.

  • When you depart, try to keep your dear pet carriage in the place reserved for them. Here it must find some relief.
  • When you travel with a small dog or puppy, try to make your pet trained to understand your command in flight.

You have to come with a leak-proof pet carriage. So, you can buy such a cage according to Allegiant pet carrier requirements.

  • Your pet must sit in a convenient place not, protruding from the cage.
  • Pets will have good behavior. Additionally they will be odorless and healthy.
  • All the forms should be presented to the authority if necessary for a pet’s health. They are; 

1. Veterinary Health Form

2. Mental Health Professional Form

3. Animal Behavior and Responsibility Form

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