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Is It Safe to Fly Through a Storm?

Is it safe to fly in a storm? This is a question that many people ask themselves. Indeed, the prospect of an aircraft taking off during a storm makes a lot of travelers worry. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) supports these worries and put some conditions for all airlines to follow.

According to the FAA, all aircraft must satisfy particular safety thresholds, including doing everything possible to avoid a thunderstorm. Though flying through heavy clouds, especially when it’s raining heavily can be nerve-wracking for many.

However, the airplane is designed to withstand a great rainstorm, and won’t even spring the smallest of a leak. But airplanes can’t fly if there’s freezing rain because it might cause ice to pile up on the wings quicker how a de-icing solution can dissolve it. So, if you’re about to do your Delta Airlines booking but you’re hesitant due to the winter storms, you can comfortably go ahead and do the booking.

What Happens In The Case of Lightning?

As mentioned, flying in bad weather is a nerve-wracking experience for many people. Of course, the thought of being struck by this natural phenomenon isn’t so entertaining. Unfortunately, airlines once in a while get hit by lightning. Indeed, statistics show that every airline in the United States gets hit by lightning once a year on average.

However, lighting doesn’t pose any serious harm to flights. People get struck by lightning almost often while in their cars and nothing happens as long as they aren’t touching its metal frame. In the same manner, passengers in airplanes are safe from any danger of lighting.

The electrical current that lightning generates will usually move from hit and exit the body of the plane without causing any harm. That’s because the inside of the plane is designed to ensure that passengers and their seats are protected from any electrical conductor. So, don’t be distracted by lightning while in-flight. Just know that you’re safe.

What About Too Much Wind?

The experience of the turbulence’s spells out there in the air can’t be good either. However, it’s important to note that in-flights jostles and bumps aren’t always a result of wind. The turbulence you might have experienced can be caused by a powerful windy storm or jet stream.

Fortunately, flying even in extreme winds is safe and can cause no harm. Yes, it may make you spill that cocktail on your table, but not more than that. During take-off or landing, winds can only be a factor if they are crosswinds. And even then, the plan is designed to put up with about 25 knots of wind running across its runway.

If you did Lufthansa reservations and you’ll be flying out from a snow-blanketed city like Minneapolis, you’ll notice the aircraft will undergo de-icing.

During the deicing process, a hot mixture of water and glycol dissolves frost and prevents it from accumulating on the plane. But if the plane is left untreated, frost can form and interfere with the airflow preventing the aircraft from getting the required lift during take-off. So, is it safe to fly through a storm? We can conclude that it’s generally safe. Though the image of going through the storm while flying over hundreds of feet above the ground can be worrying, you can now feel safe and relax as you wait to get to your destination safely. Don’t hesitate to dial Delta Airlines telefono and make flight booking because you think it’s not safe to fly through a storm; go ahead and don’t let the storm prevent you from taking that important trip.



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