Is Heroin Island Australia’s Best Kept Secret?

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Posted By: Admin 24 Mar, 2021

Unfortunately, only a handful of people know about Heroin Island. This destination tops the list of the best vacation destinations for an excursion. Unlike before, a traveler can complete a Delta Airlines booking to visit this Aussie Island.

Some tourists opt to call the JetBlue numero de Telefono to request a flight booking service. You’ll be happy to know that customer care can book the flight for you at no additional charges. The good news is that there is a good road network there; hence you can get to the resort conveniently.

Heroin Island Accommodation

Visitors don’t need to worry about accommodation as there are countless hotels for you. Understandably, the overall booking depends on the total number of rooms as well as the number of days. Interestingly, you’re at liberty to book a beachside room if you so, please.

Fun-Filled Activities At Heroin Island

Some people erroneously believe that nothing is exciting about Heroin Island. The reality is that you can try out multiple fun-filled stuff while there. Below is a summary of some of these activities.

a) Diving

Tourists can enjoy diving while at Heroin Island. Technically, there are nearly twenty different diving sites available for you. However, you must note that you’ll need to rely on a boat to reach these sites.

b) Snorkeling

Another equally exhilarating activity has to be snorkeling. You can opt to try this out from the beaches on the famous Great Barrier Reef. Don’t hesitate to hire snorkeling equipment at a small fee.

c) Nature walk

Most tourists enjoy going for a long nature walk. Experts will agree that this walk has immense benefits on your mental health. Additionally, you’re at liberty to tag a friend along as you catch up on each other.

Here’s some good news, you can request a tour guide to accompany you. For this reason, you have no reason to worry during the walk.

d) Watching fish and turtles

Let’s be honest watching fish in their natural habitat is exhilarating. Here you get to see rare fish species and turtles in clear water. Apart from that, you’ll get to see the panoramic reef at the famous Baillie’s Bar.

Please note that the management will charge you a small fee for this. More often than not, kids pay $ AUD 40 per hour. On the other hand, each adult needs to cough up at least $60.


Technically, Heroin Island remains the best place for an unforgettable kayaking experience. However, you’re expected to book a slot earlier. For this reason, you need to email customer care through

Feel free to hire Kayaking equipment from the Marine Center. Usually, the team will charge you AUD 40 to get a single Kayak. On the other hand, a double Kayak will cost you at least $70.Lastly, a paddleboard will cost you a minimum of $40.

How to Book Accommodation

Please note that you need to book a hotel room in advance first before you visit Heroin Island. Kindly visit and navigate to the ‘Book Now’ option. You’ll need to select the check-in date and a check-out date.

As mentioned earlier, the hotel booking fee depends on how long you’ll be there. Please remember to confirm the dates you’ll be there.

What Makes Heroin Island The Best Kept Secret?

At this point, you can agree that Heroin Island is an unmatched secret. Here are some of the contributing reasons for this:

  • Unique attraction sites: we can all agree that Heroin Island has breathtaking tourist attraction sites. For this reason, travelers can get value for their money.

Reasonable charges: secondly, the management offers reasonable charges. For instance, to hire a kayak for one hour will cost you AUD 40 only.

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