How to Talk to a Real-Time Person at Southwest Airlines?

How to talk to a person at Southwest airlines

Posted By: Admin 24 Dec, 2020

Unfortunately, very few customers know how to talk to a person at Southwest Airlines. The good news is that they offers multiple ways of connecting with customer support. You’re free to choose whichever option that works for you.

How to Talk to a Person at Southwest Airlines : +1-855-936-1490

The easiest way to connect with customer service is to call the Southwest Airlines phone number. Please feel free to dial +1-800-435-9792 to speak to a customer care agent directly. You’ll be happy to know that customer support is available for the travelers, 24-hours.

Travelers are free to dial the same phone number if they need any form of assistance. Whether it is related to your Southwest reservations, flight cancellation, flight change, flight check-in, to mention but just a few.

Southwest Airlines Live Chat

Customers can only capitalize on Southwest Airlines live chat on the Southwest Airlines mobile app. Today you can download this application to your Android smartphone or iOS phone. Unfortunately, live chat is only available between 6:00 am to 800 pm.

Unknown this live chat is only available for English-speakers. Therefore other customers should consider calling their local Southwest Airlines customer service phone number +1-855-936-1490. Please open your application and navigate to the Contact Us option.

You’ll see a Chat option just below Call, click on it to start the chat. After that, you’ll need to select the topic which best suits your situation. Kindly remember to end the chat session once you get the assistance.

Chat on Social Media

The airline has social media pages on both Facebook and Twitter. For this reason, you can start a Southwest Airlines live chat with the representatives. Please ensure that you have Facebook Messenger to talk with an agent on Facebook.

Send Southwest Airlines an Email

Traveler can bring easy as they allow them to email a live person. However, the reality is that the airline has no specific email address. The only way to email Southwest Airlines customer service is at Once you visit the website, navigate to the Contact Us option.

Southwest Airlines Customer Care Services

The main reasons why Southwest draws millions of travelers is due to its hospitality. Customer care agents are at liberty to offer any form of assistance to a traveler upon request. Let’s go through some of these excellent services.

  • Refund tracking services: usually, customers can contact Southwest Airlines customer service to inquire about their refund status. Ordinarily, the airline refunds the flyer within 21 days upon canceling the booking.
  • Baggage tracking assistance: if your luggage delays, you can contact customer care for assistance. A customer care representative will track it for you and give you the baggage tracking number.
  • Group reservation: unfortunately, a group booking is not as straightforward as booking an individual air ticket. For this reason, it makes sense to contact customer care to request them to book a Southwest Airlines group reservations for you.
  • Flight booking services: a traveler can contact customer care if they need help in booking a flight. The representative will first capture vital details such as your personal information and flight details and book the reservation for you.
  • Air ticket cancellation: do you need help in canceling the reservation? The good news is that you can start a Southwest Airlines live chat to request assistance. All the customer service need is your ticket booking number and your last name.
  • Flight change services: Southwest Airlines flight change policy gives you the freedom to change a valid reservation. For this reason, don’t hesitate to connect with customer care to request a flight change service.

What are the Advantages of Calling Southwest Airlines Customer Care?

  • Customers save time: booking a reservation online can be time-consuming, especially for a first-time traveler. The good news is that if you call a customer care representative, they’ll do it for you within a few minutes.
  • Travelers get to capitalize on travel deals: customer care agents know all the travel deals available for you. For this reason, if you request a flight booking service, they can help you identify the best travel deal for you, such as a cheap flight.
  • Customer care will help you save money: as mentioned above, a customer care agent can help you take advantage of a travel deal such as a cheap flight. Consequently, you end up saving a few bucks.

Southwest Airlines Toll-Free Customer Care Number

The airline does not have a toll-free customer service phone number. On the bright side, service providers charge a reasonable fee whenever you call Southwest Airlines customer service. Feel free to get in touch with customer care directly by calling +1-800-435-9792.

Southwest Airlines Customer Service Hours

the airline boasts of the most dedicated team of customer care representatives. These agents are always available to serve customers. However, you may have to be patient with emails and chats as customers may take time to reply. Usually, Southwest Airlines customer service gives priority to phone calls. Usually, the representatives reply to emails within 24 hours upon receipt.

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