How To Book an Economy Class Seat in United Airlines?

Economy Class Seat in United Airlines

Posted By: Admin 21 Dec, 2020

With Economy class seats in United Airlines, you earn much and spend a little. Maybe it is a national or international flight, united always offers flexibility in arrival or departure time. And everything comes conjoined with affordability and comfort. United has flights at such an affordable price that you must save your money from your budget to add to your next trip. Is it not very interesting? So united is the best option for your next trip on the flight to enhance your flight experience. For this, you have to reserve your ticket for a flight of your choice.

Booking any flight online comes with various conveniences. It allows you to book economy class seats in United Airlines or get your preferred seat on the flight. You don’t need to be worried about that random seat that may make your mood off in flight. And when you have your children, then you must be careful enough in choosing your seats. Is it not true? So, to make a hassle-free reservation with United Airlines, you must visit their official page It is a convenient way to reserve your united flight. The united map shown at reservation gives you an ample opportunity to choose your seat on –board. Click on a button lets you choose your seat either in coach or in business class. You will select either back or front seat along with the aisle or window seating option.

Though suspicious, United indeed have two tickets similarly-named. One is the Economy, and the other is the Basic Economy. The main difference between the Economy class with the Basic economy is that the Basic economy is cheaper than the Economy class. 

United Airlines Booking Procedure

  • is the official website of United Airlines. You have to visit the page after opening your browser to know how to book economy class seats on United Airlines.
  • In the side left hand, you have to fill a United Airlines reservations form. Enter your details one by one. First, enter the name of the city departure also the arrival city name along with the dates. 
  • Now you have to enter the details about the passengers, including children and adults. Now, enroll your class to first class, business, or coach. 
  • When you have done, you have to click on the search tab to select your preferred flight for your departure. If it is a round trip, then you have to choose the round trip flight of your choice when the page comes on the screen. 
  • Confirm when you select the flight on the page next. 
  • Now, go to the bottom by scrolling down. Enter your user name or Mileage Plus number and your PIN. But it is necessary for Mileage Plus members. If you’re not a MileagePlus member, then leave the space blank. 
  • Click on “Continue to traveler information”.  Here you have to give information about the passengers traveling on the united flight. Here you have to put that I’D that you will use for check-in at the airport, maybe your passport or license. Now finish the seat selection acceding to your preference and put your choice one by one under the name of each traveler. Here you may choose either aisle or the window seat. 
  • Now verify your passenger information. From here, you have to go to the option “Continue to select seats” option. Here a map of your seat will appear. The grey portion of the seats is not to be selected. You can choose your seats from white, blue, or orange. The orange and blue have extra fees for the booking. When you move your cursor here, the seat number will appear with the charge (if any). 
  • Select the seat for the passenger first. Here you have to book seats for the extra passengers.
  • When you have done hit the clicking the “Next Flight” tab and now choose the seats of the button and select seats for any link flights (If any) and the flight for your return.
  • When choices of your seats have been made, hit the “Continue” tab.
  • Verify all the details of your flight, provided on the page next. For confirmation of your ticket, provide the email address. Here the United authority will send you the message of your booking confirmation.
  • Choose your payment procedure with all the required details and go to the “I agree – Continue to Purchase” tab. In the final part, you will get confirmation of your payment with your number of the reservation. You should print this document to keep the record with you.

If you cannot do the reservation online you can call the customer service (+1-855-695-0023) and you may ask them how to book economy class tickets on United Airlines.

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