About Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is one of the best flag carriers in Belgium. This airline started its operation in 2007, a year after its establishment. Currently, Brussels Airlines’ only hub is Brussels Airport. You’ll be happy to know that this airline flies to over 120 different destinations.

Therefore, travelers can book Brussels Airlines booking to fly to their dream holiday destination. Please note that the current headquarters of Brussels Airlines is in Machelen in Belgium. Customers will be glad to know that this flag carrier has a total fleet size of 40 planes.

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How to Make a Brussels Airlines Booking

There’s no other airline with more convenient flight booking options that Brussels Airlines. Right now, the airline offers both online and offline flight booking modes. Below is a summary of these ways of completing Brussels Airlines book flight.

a) Phone Brussels Airlines customer support

Travelers are free to call the Brussels Airlines customer service number to seek flight booking assistance. Feel at liberty to dial +1-855-936-1490 to request immediate assistance from one of the agents.

b) Live chat customer care

Unlike before, travelers can seek assistance from a live Brussels Airlines customer service agent. You’re free to visit Brussels Airlines’ social media pages to start a live chat session. You’ll need to inbox customer care to kick-start this online live chat.

c) Visit the airline’s official website

The most convenient option is to complete a Brussels Airlines online booking. All you need to do is to visit www.brusselsairlines.com and click the ‘More Options’ button. You’ll then have to click the ‘Book a flight’ button.

One will then start by selecting their preferred type of flight. Nowadays, you can book flights such as:

  • Return flight
  • One-way
  • Multiple cities

You’ll then need to fill out all the necessary flight details such as:

  • Departure date
  • Return date
  • Total number of travelers
  • Cabin class
  • Destination
  • Place of departure

Kindly click the ‘Book now’ option to see a full list of related flights. It’s up to you to select the flight that suits you best.

Flight Check-in Process

The airline insists that you confirm your flight before the travel day. The good news is that Brussels Airlines flight check-in policy provides multiple flight confirmation options. For instance, you can:

  • Confirm the ticket online: flyers are at liberty to confirm an air ticket on www.brusselsairlines.com. Kindly navigate to the ‘Check-in’ option to provide the relevant flight details such as the booking number.
  • Flight check-in at the airport: secondly, you’re free to book the air ticket at the departure airport. Technically, there are countless customer care agents there ready to help you.

In-Flight Amenities

The airline is among the few airlines with the most breathtaking in-flight amenities.

  • Magazines: every month, Brussels Airlines releases a monthly magazine. Therefore, travelers are free to read this insightful magazine during the flight.
  • In-flight entertainment: passengers can enjoy entertaining content such as movies and music during the flight. However, the airline encourages travelers to carry either an earphone or a headphone.
  • Comfortable: each traveler gets one of these comfy in-flight facilities. Understandably, Brussels Airlines won’t charge you an additional fee to access this.

Baggage Policy

They gives you the green-light to carry a few travel bags. Here are some of these policies in detail.

  • Each travel bag must not have dimensions of over 158 centimeters.
  • Carry-on luggage must not exceed 8 kilograms for Economy class travelers.
  • Business-class travelers can bring carry-on luggage of up to 16 kilograms.
  • Each luggage bag must not weigh more than 32 kilograms.
  • A travel bag should measure 40 centimeters by 23 centimeters by 55 centimeters.

Brussels Airlines Cancellation Policy

The airline gives you the freedom to cancel your flight. The good news is that you need not provide any reason for canceling the Brussels Airlines online booking. Luckily for passengers, Brussels Airlines has a favorable 24-hour flight cancellation policy.

Customers that cancel their Brussels Airlines booking tickets within 24-hours get a full refund. Once this window closes, you’ll have to part with a small flight cancellation fee. Mostly the airline deducts this fee from the already paid booking fee.

Flight Change Policy

Brussels Airlines flight change policy permits travelers to change their Brussels Airlines flight tickets if necessary. Kindly note that the airline charges a minimal flight change fee. It’s advisable that you first check whether an alternate flight is available.

Nowadays, you can dial the customer care number to seek assistance. They’ll change the flight for you at no additional charges. If you choose a pricier air ticket, you’ll have to pay up the difference. On the contrary, if you book a cheaper one, you’re free to ask for a partial refund.

About Brussels Airlines Customer Service

The airline has the friendliest customer care, representatives. These days, flyers can reach Brussels Airlines customer service directly on the phone. Don’t hesitate to dial +1-800-778-4838 to talk to one of these agents.

A better option is to start a live chat session on social media. As mentioned before, Brussels Airlines has social media pages on both Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, you can contact them to request immediate assistance during office hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am visually impaired. Can I request special services?

Yes, you can! Technically, they provides these services to flyers at no additional fees. You’re free to dial +1-800-778-4838 to request customer support to make the necessary arrangements. Usually, you need to ask for these services at least 24 hours in advance.

2. My son is unwell, and I must accompany him to the hospital. Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can! If you will not travel, you are allowed to cancel your reservation. The good news is that you need not provide a reason for the cancellation. Brussels Airlines’ agent will only deduct a small service charge then refund you the remainder.

3. Must I present my luggage for inspection?

Yes, you must! Factually speaking, Brussels Airlines’ cabin crew inspects all good before allowing you to load it onto the plane. Therefore ensure that you do not add any forbidden item into your travel bag.

4. How will I get my refund?

More often than not, the airline utilizes the same method one used while booking. For instance, if you paid using a debit card, they’ll send your refund to the same. Therefore one cannot receive money on behalf of someone else.

5. What are some of the destinations that Brussels Airlines visits?

The airline flies to numerous destinations spread across the globe. Therefore a traveler can fly either domestically or internationally. Here is a list of some of these prestigious destinations.

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