How to Book an Extra seat with Delta Airlines?

Book Delta Airlines Extra Seat

Posted By: Admin 11 Dec, 2020

Delta Airlines is one of the best airlines in the US traveling to over 300 destinations. Further, for the convenience of the passengers, the Airlines has adopted so many services. They will get to know it once you do Delta Airlines reservations. Additionally, managing tickets is easy in Delta Airlines because of the online ticket process. But are you planning to book Delta Airlines extra seat? Are you wondering how to book an extra seat on Delta Airlines? Get in touch with the customer service as well as the follow-up process.

How to Book Delta Airlines Extra Seat or New Reservations?

Use your Delta Airlines booking to make extra seat reservations. Likewise, you might have to pay extra charges for the booking of extra seats. The fee depends on the type of fare that you choose.

  • Visit the official site of Delta Airlines and click on the “My Trip” section to make extra seat booking.
  • Secondly, to know how to buy an extra seat on a plane starts with entering the credentials and click on the “Manage booking” option.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to book for the extra seat and create the Passenger profile or PNR.
  • Enter the first and last name of the passenger along with the seat requirement.
  • Enter the other personal details like Date of birth, number of passengers, etc. The details given must with the passenger’s details that they give.
  • Assign extra seats and pay for the Delta extra booking part.
  • After entering all the payment details, get a confirmation Email about the ticket.

General Information on Book Delta Airlines Extra Seat

Are you thinking how do I book an extra seat on Delta? Delta doesn’t give additional seats to passengers needing a seatbelt extender or have an armrest. Besides, if any passenger causes discomfort, they may be asked to shift to some other seat. Delta has all rights to occupy the seats they have given.

1. Economy Fares

The basic fares are not used to purchase an extra seat ticket as part of Delta Airlines booking. Furthermore, the basic economy fare doesn’t allow booking for an advanced seat format.

2. Wholly Unused ticket

For all the non-used tickets or no refundable tickets, the extra seat value will be added to the future travel of the passenger. The extra seat ticket payment can be used to purchase a new ticket in the passenger’s name. The extra seat is not transferable also.

3. Baggage Related

The carry-on baggage is allowed to the passenger and not to the extra seat. Similarly, the passenger purchasing an extra seat gets the baggage according to the restrictions. They don’t get the whole of the seat for baggage. 

4. The Assignment of Seats

Whenever necessary, assign only adjacent seats that are two up breasts unless another person is traveling. Try not giving seats in the exit row. The exit rows don’t have moveable arm rests. Also, there are no seat belts in the seats next to exit rows. 

Extra Seat for Cabin Baggage

Passengers might want to book for an extra seat for carrying fragile items or too large carry on items. There are certain rules to book Delta Airlines extra seat for bulky items.

  • Delta Airlines allows the passengers to transport the baggage in the seat instead of the cargo cabins.
  • Pets there in the cabin are not the cabin baggage. People purchase an extra seat for carrying pets as well.

Additional Information to Book an Extra Seat for Cabin Baggage

1. Baggage

All the passengers who purchase a seat for the baggage purpose cannot check-in additional baggage with the extra seat. The cabin baggage doesn’t have its baggage allowance.

2. Seat Arrangements

Reserve both the seats close to each other and not next to the emergency exit. For all the tall items, the cabin baggage must be seated in the last coach row not obscuring the other passenger’s views.

Packaging Instruction

The cabin baggage must meet the requirements of the FAA:

  • Should not exceed 165 pounds.
  • Must be covered to protect other passengers.
  • Must be kept in a seat next to the passenger and overhead bulk seat is not required.
  • It must not be stowed in the exit row.
  • Should not contain dangerous goods.

The SkyMiles Awards of Delta Airlines cannot be used to purchase an extra seat. You have to purchase it by booking normally.

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