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Best Long Haul Airlines to Travel with a Baby

When you’re planning a journey with a baby, you have to choose the best baby friendly airlines for the trip. That’s because not every airline is baby-friendly. One thing you should know is that a good airline for traveling with a baby isn’t just one that offers cheap tickets and delicious food for children.

There are so many other factors involved besides food quality and the price. You wouldn’t want to encounter a situation where you come on board with a baby in your arms and everyone on the plane is watching you with bated breath hoping that you’ll sit as far from them as possible.

So, before you set yourself and your young one plans for a long haul journey by air, it’s important you know which airlines you’re likely to enjoy the best travel-with-a-baby experience.

Best Baby Friendly Airlines

Before you go ahead with booking your air tickets, you should find out how passengers with babies are treated in a particular airline. Generally, you should know how to choose the best airline for traveling with a baby. These are some aspects to check:

  • Any discounts for young travelers
  • Availability of special seats for young passengers
  • Special meals for young ones
  • Availability of baby bassinets on board
  • Special treatments for babies
  • Special services for baby at the departure airport

Best Long Haul Airlines for Travelling with Babies

Air France

Air France is considered one of the best baby friendly airlines on long haul trips. The rules and regulations governing travel-with-a-baby in this airline are friendly and designed to ensure that your trip with your loved one is memorable.

When you do Air France booking, you’re assured that your child or baby will enjoy a wide range of amenities offered onboard. As a parent traveler with a baby, you’ll enjoy priority boarding. Since it’s a long haul flight, there are changing tables where you can change your baby without interfering with anyone else’s comfort.

Additionally, children are offered entertainment like cartoons and children’s films that play on a personal screen on the back of the headrest of each seat directly in front of them. Your child will also be given small toys or coloring books.

For infants, parents can order special meals for them up to 24 hours before departure. Also, for children between 2 to 8 years of age, a special meal is provided on flights that last at least two and a half hours. What’s more, a gift set is provided to entertain the children throughout intercontinental flights.

You should know that, with Air France airlines, infants or children under TWO years of age don’t need a seat reservation and should be on the lap of the accompanying adults.

However, the parent or adult must reserve a seat for the infant who has to travel strapped into an approved infant carrier or seat in the following situations:

  • A parent wants their baby to enjoy the safety and comfort of their own car seat throughout the flight
  • A parent is traveling with 2 infants aged 2 years or below. In that case, one of these infants has to occupy a separate seat and the Air France booking has to be made via Air France customer service phone number.

There are many more rules and regulations involving travel with a baby on Air France Airlines, including baggage policy. You can read them comprehensively on the official Air France Website.

Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines is another best baby friendly airline. The airline’s management understands that there are many things involved when flying with a baby, especially on a long-haul journey. For that, the airline tries its best to lessen your burden with services that make your trip, from Emirates Airlines booking to landing, hassle-free.

When it comes to infant and child fare rules, Emirates have got the parent covered. The airlines know how great holidays are when the entire family travels together. For that, it has prepared a friendly ticketing policy for infants and children to allow parents to plan their next travel better.

The seats are also child-friendly. The Emirates put in place a set of guidelines that help to make sure that the safety of your child on board is guaranteed. Whether you wish to come with your own baby car seat or want to be given a bassinet, there are solutions for you to take with the airlines.

Emirates ensure that your baby or child from 2 to 12 years of age avail delicious and healthy meals on board. And if your baby needs a special diet, you can let the airline know in advance during your Emirates booking via the Manage My Booking on their website. That way, they will have your custom meal prepared and ready for you on board.

For fun, Emirates Airline doesn’t allow any time for your little one to get bored. There are hundreds of TV channels, movies, games, and toys among others. You can book flight ticket through Emirates customer service number.

Final Thought

If you’ll be taking a best baby friendly airlines with a baby, there are no better airlines to consider than Emirates and Air France depending on your departure and destinations. They are the best baby friendly airlines to travel with a baby so far.


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