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The Best and Worst U.S. Airlines

If you have traveled by air before, you might be familiar with issues like lost luggage, long security queues, very dirty plastic bins, etc. All these aspects can make your flying experience a nightmare. Of course, some airlines are better than others. The ‘Wall Street Journal’s 2019 airline ranking revealed the best and worst U.S. airlines and gave light to all air travelers.

Based on the data released by a flight-data analytics unit for Global Eagle, the Department of Transportation, and MasFlight, factors like on-time arrivals, extreme delays, canceled flights, 2-hour tarmac delays, involuntary bumping, mishandled baggage, and complaints are used to rank these airlines from the best down to the worst.

In this post, we have presented you with two airlines – the best and worst U.S. airlines. Before we tell you which is the best and the worst US airline in 2021, it’s important you know the aspect we considered to arrive at our conclusion.

Our Criteria to Find the Best and Worst U.S. Airlines


The safety of an airline is an important factor to consider. The majority of airlines in the United States haven’t had any incidents of accidents over the past few decades. However, we still have to look at even the slightest case of a mishap.


The most popular airlines in the world are the ones that offer unmatched convenience from check-in to boarding and landing at the destination airport. The comfort can be determined by the kind of comfort passengers enjoy in the planned cabin. The cabin comfort can consist of other aspects such as seats’ size, legroom, and the overall quality of services. Another convenience criterion is the on-time arrival.


Price is a major factor that an average traveler considers before purchasing his ticket. The best airlines are the one that has low price rates for airfares without sacrificing the quality of services. Since the criterion is somewhat tricky to compare because different airlines offer different flights, experts compare the amount each passenger pays per mile of their journey. Another thing that you can consider is if there are any extra fees for changing the flight, for baggage, etc.


Extra amenities and attention to the smallest details is also a consideration to think about when evaluating the best and worst U.S. airlines. The availability of Wi-Fi onboard, snacks and beverages, the price and quality of food, and the entertainment you’ll be getting inflight can determine how good or bad your flight will be.


Most airline companies provide additional discounts and benefits to their loyal customers. Such extra bonuses and loyalty programs that an airline offers as a part of its marketing campaign is also a factor to take into consideration in evaluating the airlines.


Complaints are also a factor we considered to come up with the best and worst airline in the US. This is the number of complaints passengers have made to the airline about things like lost baggage. Though some complaints are common even with popular airlines, some negative reviews like ticket overselling and the manner in which staff handles passengers is something else.

The Best US Airlines

Southwest Airlines

There are many airlines in the US that qualify on the list of the best airlines. However, for the case of this post, we only include only Southwest Airlines.

This airline has won the hearts of many travelers because of its honest and transparent fair policy that has extra benefits designed for the elderly. Additionally, both the courtesy of the crew and comfort in the cabins make it one of the best airlines in the US.

However, Southwest Airlines happens to be the only company that encountered an accident with a human casualty over the last decade. But, that was the first casualty this airline has had over the last 50 years. So, when making Southwest Airlines booking, this is the only issue with the airline you might consider in terms of safety.

The Worst US Airlines

American Airlines

American Airlines boasts of the most expansive network in the US. However, it finds itself in the list of the airlines considered as worst in the United States due to frequent delays, loss of baggage, high extra fares, and low overall customer satisfaction.

Though the Airline isn’t bad, the few issues mentioned above needs improvement. American Airlines offer flights throughout the US and the cost of a mile is relatively low. But, the airline fails to consider their customers as a priority, which leads to inconveniences such as baggage getting lost, frequent delays, high auxiliary fees, among others.


Whether you’re planning to do booking on American Airlines or the Southwest Airlines, you’re now aware of the issues to take a keen look at and decide which the best airline is for you depending on your destination. What you need is a smooth flying experience that’s safe, convenient, and reasonably charged. You can use there phone number for book airlines ticket, i.e American Airlines numero de telefono for Espenol,


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