American Airlines Seat Selection and Upgrade

American Airlines Seat Selection

Posted By: Admin 30 Nov, 2020

Get Overall Details on How to Get a Seat Upgrade on American Airlines?

American Airlines is known for providing satisfaction to passengers in many ways. Further, this airline is known for its great services with American Airlines seat selection or seat upgrades being an added feature to it. Additionally, American Airlines is a major airline considered in America with its headquarters in Texas. It offers various classes to its passengers like the economy, Business class, First Class. With these airlines, it’s easier to get upgrades on domestic flights but also, on longer international flights.

How to Get an Upgrade on American Airlines?

There are many ways of getting an upgrade on American Airlines from using miles to elite status in making American Airlines seat selection. But you have to buy an eligible ticket with space available for legroom. Besides, upgrades are not guaranteed until the airlines have confirmed it.

1. Pay for the upgrade using Miles

The simplest way to upgrade is to buy one ticket with miles. Furthermore, you can also buy combinations of miles and cash. The best thing about the upgrade is that you don’t need AAdvantage elite Status to get one. A mile upgrade to get priority over all the complimentary upgrades.

2. Get Updates using the Elite Status

All the Elite Members get unlimited complimentary upgrades on flights flown under 500 miles. Nevertheless, the higher status you have, the more easily you can get the upgrades. All the upgrades are for free.

3. Get a Business Extra Update with American Airlines

Many of the small biz owners can join the Business Extra Program for free to get points to be used for upgrades. You can use all points for free flights, Admirals Club, AA Advantage Gold Status, etc. Being a member, you can earn an extra Business point on every $5 spent on the eligible flights. Further, the Business Upgrade costs range from 650 to 3,100 points.

Ways to Request Upgrade on American Airlines

The question of how to upgrade a seat on American Airlines can be answered if you want extra legroom, gourmet dinner, and privacy when traveling on your next flight. 

1. Auto upgrade

If you have got elite status, you can let American Airlines know about it instantly. Besides, you can ask for a complimentary American Airlines seat assignment on your next flight of 500 miles or even lesser between the US, Canada, Bahamas, Central America, and Bermuda. 

2. Request Upgrade in advance

American Airlines is one such airline offering various ways to upgrade your seat before the trip. You can upgrade the seat when you make American Airlines seat selection anytime during booking or any time afterward.

  • Call up American Airlines reservations to call for a mileage upgrade.
  • Log in to your AA Advantage with the website to know about the systematic upgrade available. While booking flights, click on the systemwide upgrades to know which ones are available. Call up the American Elite service desk to confirm all the upgrades.
  • You can also request the upgrade automatically if the reservations are eligible for everyone who booked the flight. Or you can call the reservations to put the request for the upgrade.

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How to Upgrade the Seating Process on American Airlines?

  • Visit the official website and click on “My trips”.
  • Fill in all the information like first and last name, reference number, etc. of the passengers.
  • Click on the “Find Reservation” tab and your flight itinerary will get opened.
  • You can edit your booking option now. Secondly, you also see the option of seat upgrade in the section of the seat map where you can choose your desired seat.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions given after that.
  • After completing all these steps, get a confirmation email at your mail address regarding all the changes that you have made.
American Airlines seat map

Cost of Upgrading on American Airlines Seat Selection

Planning to pay cash to upgrade your seat? This might not be a popular way to upgrade and even not cost-effective. There is nothing sort of a list of the prices for upgrades and it changes with every flight and seat availability. The elite members get a chance of buying 500 miles upgrade at $40 or even 8 upgrades at 40,000 miles.


The passengers have to go for paying for a seat upgrade depending on the cost of the booking. Look out for the best offers and deals on the seat you have chosen.

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