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American Airlines Flight Cancellation

American Airlines Cancellation Fee For Non-Refundable Tickets

Has it ever happened that you booked for a flight but last minute you could not fly because of some emergencies? Well, if you talk of it, American Airlines is considered to be the largest airline in the world, be it the fleet size, number of passengers carried, or simply the types of cabins available on the flight. Further, American Airlines has been flying to more than 50 countries enabling passengers to cancel their flights and get their refunds without any hassle as per the American Airlines flight cancellation policy.

Rules of American Airlines Flight Cancellation

What type of ticket you have purchased is the main factor to consider for American Airlines flight cancellation policy? In Addition, they offer both electronic as well as paper tickets in various flight classes. But it is possible to change or cancel the American Airlines reservations online. Some of the paper tickets might require a call or even visiting the agent. Further, As per the rules of the American airline’s website, you have the time of up to 1 year if you cancel your itinerary and want to credit the amount towards a different flight.

Before booking your flight, it is best to know about American Airlines Cancellation to not just save yourself from the unnecessary drama but also, recover the amount lost through refunds, if it is eligible for the flight.

American Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation

Take the advantage of American Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy if you have to cancel your ticket urgently. All customers who book the airline ticket can cancel the tickets within 24 hours from the original time of booking. Besides, the cancellation is without any cancellation fee irrespective of the fare selected. The airline provides you with a full refund if you are canceling the 24 hours’ time frame.

Some highlights of the 24 hours cancellation policy are:

  • There is no change of travel date as this option is not given by American Airlines.
  • The refund amount will be given if the ticket has been canceled at least 3 hours before the actual flight departure.
  • If the ticket has been purchased only to travel within the US, then the amount will be credited to your account within 1 week of receiving the refund request.

The Airlines’ Non-Refundable Ticket Cancellation

If you booked a non-refundable ticket, American Airlines will be charging for American Airlines cancellation fee of $200 to be paid on domestic flights. Similarly, American Airlines non-refundable tickets booked for international flights are charged $750 as the cancellation fee. After you pay the cancellation fee, the unused value will be credited towards the future trip you make within 1 year from the original date of issue of the ticket. Further, the original tickets have to be canceled before the first departure of the flight.

American Airlines Refundable Cancellation of Ticket

The refundable tickets are canceled anytime before the departure of the flight. Likewise, there is no American Airlines cancellation fee in case of refundable tickets. The refund will be credited to the customer’s account within 7 business days.

The Award Ticket Cancellation

If you have purchased the tickets using AA Advantage Miles, then you will have to pay an American Airlines cancellation fee of $150 for the first award. Secondly, you might have to pay an additional $25 for the reward reinstated in the same account for the second time. For the Executive Platinum members, the awards keep on changing.

How to Make American Airlines Flight Cancellations?

There are various options with flight cancellations with American Airlines. Further, you can cancel the flights online sitting in your cozy homes or offices. Just visit the official website, log into your account. Besides, Select My Trips and then click on the trip that you want to cancel from there. Click on the Confirm Button. American Airlines come with an e-voucher to refund the remaining funds after the cancellation. You can also visit the American Airlines self-service kiosk center if you want to cancel the tickets in offline mode.


Why waste your money on tickets that you want to cancel? Just cancel your tickets and get the amount back to your accounts. The Basic Economy ticket can be canceled only with the 24 hours cancellation window. But if the airline changes its flight schedule by 61 minutes, then the 24 hours window is not required.

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