Vueling Airlines Customer Service

About the Airline

Vueling Airlines is a prestigious airline in Spain. The flag carrier was founded in 2004 and started operating shortly after. At the moment the headquarters of Vueling Airlines is in Barcelona in Spain. You’ll be surprised to learn that IAG is the parent company.

Nowadays, this airline boasts of an unbelievable fleet size of 126. No wonder Vueling Airlines flies to over 150 different destinations located on various continents. In 2017, the airline made over $118 million thanks to the millions of passengers who booked Vueling Airlines booking.

The good news is that the airline has partnered with other airlines. The main reason for these partnerships is to enable passengers to travel to more prestigious destinations. Here is a list of some of these noteworthy airlines with whom Vueling Airlines has partnered.

Vueling Airlines Phone Number amd Details

Vueling Airlines Booking+1-855-936-1490
Vueling Customer Service Number+1-855-936-1490
Baggage Tracking00 34 931 51 81 72
Cancel Flight Tickets or Change00 34 931 51 81 58
Customer Service
Vueling Telefono Espenol+1-855-671-0784
Vueling Telefono Barcelona+1-855-671-0784
Vueling Telefono Gratuito+1-855-671-0784
Vueling Telefono Italia+1-855-671-0784
Vueling Telefono Atencion al Cliente+1-855-671-0784

How to Make a Vueling Airlines Reservations

The airline is one of the few airlines with multiple booking options. Currently a customer can either capitalize on an online or an offline ticket booking option. Whichever booking option you settle for your booking will reflect.

Usually, the best way to tell if your reservation was successful is if you receive a Vueling Airlines reservations number. Technically the airline sends a flight confirmation to the customer if their booking is successful.

Below is a summary of these ticket booking options;

  • Book on Vueling mobile app: recently, The airline launched a mobile application. Customers are free to book reservations on this modern technology. You only have to follow a few simple flight booking steps.
  • On Vueling Airlines’ website: a second option is to visit The first step is to search for your preferred flight. Please enter all the relevant details such as destination, travel dates, and point of departure.
  • Phone customer service: thirdly, they allows you to connect with Vueling customer service phone number via direct calling. Don’t hesitate to dial 349-315-181-158 to talk to a live representative.

Flight Check-in Process

The airline demands that all passengers confirm their reservations before the flight. Ordinarily, the check-in process opens seven days before the flight and closes at least an hour before the flight. For this reason, you have no excuse for not checking your Vueling Airlines booking in time.

Below are some of the flight check-in options at your disposal.

  • On the Vueling mobile app: firstly, you can check in on the mobile application. You only have to provide a few vital details, such as your flight booking number and your last name.
  • At the airport: another option is to check-in at the departing airport. Please ensure that you carry all the necessary travel documents such as a visa and passport.

Kindly remember to print your boarding pass soon after you confirm the flight. The airline expects you to produce this travel document at the airport for verification and clearance purposes. Additionally, you’re free to select your preferred seat when checking in for a flight.

In-Flight Amenities

Nothing will blow you away more than in-flight amenities. Each of the airlines’ planes features breathtaking onboard facilities for the passengers. Here is a list of some of these facilities.

  • Onboard Wi-Fi: the airline offers fast-speed internet to the passengers. However, you must note that you’ll have to pay a small fee to access it. The cost of using Wi-Fi depends on what you wish to do. For instance, if you only want to surf and you have to pay $3.5.
  • USB ports: you’ll be happy to know that you can charge your phone during the flight. For this reason, you have no reason to carry a power bank. The impressive news is that the airline won’t charge any additional fee to access this facility.
  • Luxurious seats: Vueling Airlines planes feature very comfortable seats. Each of these seats has a pair of armrests. For this reason, you can remain comfortable during the flight.
  • In-flight magazine: you have no reason to get bored as you can read the enlightening Vueling Airlines magazine. Passengers are lucky as the airline equally offers in-flight internet; hence you can read it online.

Don’t hesitate to visit to read about all the available in-flight facilities. Alternatively, you call the official Vueling customer service number.

Baggage Policy

Passengers can carry luggage bags when flying with Vueling Airlines. However, you ought to familiarize yourselves with several baggage policies. Any violation of these policies may lead to automatic banning. Here are the luggage policies you must always remember;

  • Every traveler is free to carry one carry-on travel bag.
  • Carry-on baggage must not exceed 10 kilograms.
  • Overweight baggage must not surpass 50 kilograms.
  • Each passenger can check-in checked baggage of at most 23 kilograms.
  • The carry-on bag needs to measure 55 centimeters by 40 centimeters by 20 centimeters.
  • Customers can bring sports equipment.
  • Each sports equipment attracts a baggage fee of euro 45 or more.

Forbidden Items

Vueling Airlines prohibits a few prohibited items. For this reason, the airline inspects all travel bags before they allow you to load them onto the plane. Here is a list of some of these goods.

  • Mercury
  • Ammunition
  • Fireworks
  • Creams
  • Flammable liquids
  • Sprays

Vueling Cancellation Policy

They allows you to cancel an air ticket if you opt-out of flying. Feel free to take advantage of the 24-hour cancellation policy. Thanks to this cancellation policy, you may get a full refund.

Conversely, the airline will deduct a small non-refundable flight cancellation fee. Today, the cancellation fee is usually 25% of the total booking fee. Apart from that, other additional charges may apply, such as taxes.

Passengers must never forget that the Vueling cancellation policy only applies to valid reservations.

Flight Change Policy

The airline permits you to change your Vueling Airlines online booking for whatever reason. Today you must submit the flight change request at least 2 hours before the flight. Additionally, the airline will charge you a small flight change fee whenever you rebook.

Today, the airline charges a minimum service charge of $40 for each reservation you change. Technically if you book a pricier reservation, it’s your responsibility to top up. Conversely, if you rebook a cheaper ticket, you can request a refund.

Here’s how to change a flight.

  • Call customer support: The allows you to call 34-931-518-158 to request help. Customer care agents will rebook for you at a small fee. Please ask them to confirm first whether your preferred flight is available or otherwise.
  • Email customer care: alternately, you can email customer care to rebook the Vueling Airlines reservations for you. Feel free to reach customer care at
  • Change it at the airport: the least convenient option is to visit the departing airport to change the flight. Lucky for you, there are countless customer care representatives at the customer Help Desk.

If you’re planning to change the flight, do not complete the flight check-in process. First, change the flight, then confirm the reservation afterward.

Know About Vueling Airlines Customer Service

The airline offers multiple services to customers. Therefore, travelers must not shy away from seeking help if they have any issues with their Vueling Airlines flight tickets. Today you can get in touch with customer care directly by dialing the Vueling Airlines contact number +1-855-936-1490. Another option is to email customer support at They’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Nowadays, passengers can connect with customer service on social media. Don’t shy away from requesting an agent to complete the Vueling Airline book flight process for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I know whether a given flight is available?

The best way to find out is to search it at as it’s quick. Once you visit the website, enter the flight details, and click on the Search option. If you do not get any search results, it implies that the airline hasn’t scheduled such a flight.
Travelers can also contact Vueling Airlines customer service to enquire whether a given flight is available or not. However, this option is not convenient.

2. Can I book a hotel online?

Yes, you can! One is free to book a hotel in advance either on or on the mobile application. Please provide the details of the hotel to get a full list of all available hotels.

3. How will I know whether Vueling Airlines supports my currency?

The good news is that the airline supports all currencies. For this reason, you ought to select your local currency at the top of the website.

4. How much will the airline charge me for changing my flight date?

Usually, if you wish to change your flight date or destination, the airline won’t charge you any service fee. On the contrary, if you want to change the entire Vueling Airlines booking, you’ll have to part with a small flight change fee.
Interestingly, these days the Vueling Airlines does not charge any fee for changing a passenger.

5. How can I take book cheap Vueling Airlines reservations?

The best way to book a cheap reservation is to visit the airline’s official website. Alternatively, you can book cheap air tickets on Vueling Airlines’ mobile applications. All you need is to enter all the necessary details and click on the Show Prices option.

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