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Tropic Airline is a respectable flag carrier in Belize. The airline was founded in 1979 and has proven its worth over the years. Today the airline flies to close to 20 different destinations: both local and international. Interestingly, hundreds of thousands of passengers book Tropic Air reservations with Tropic Air.

Today the airline boasts of an incredible fleet size of nearly 20. Unknown to some, The airline keeps partnering with other airlines to facilitate traveling. Some of these flag carriers include Copa Airlines.

Tropic Air Customer Service

Tropic Air Phone Numbers and Other Details

Tropic Air Reservations+1-855-936-1490
Tropic Air Phone Number+1-855-936-1490
WhatsApp Number(+501) 622-5857
Call Customer Service(+501) 226-2626 or (+501) 226-2012 ( Mondays to Fridays 8AM to 5PM  )
Customer Service
Flight Reservations
For Cargo
Ticket Refund
Cargo Inquiries Number(+501) 223-4851

Phone Numbers Of Station Office

Belize City International Phone Number(+501) 225.2302
Caye Caulker Contact(+501) 226.0040
Dangriga Contact(+501) 522.2129
Belize Municipal Phone Number(+501) 224.5671
Corozal Phone Number(+501) 422.0356
Punta Gorda Contact(+501) 722.2008
Placencia Phone Number(+501) 523.3410
San Pedro Contact+501) 226.2012 / 226.2626

How to Make a Tropic Air Reservations

They provides several ways of completing a Tropic Air booking. Here are some of the booking options available for you.

  • Book a flight on the airline’s official website: you can visit to book a flight on your own. Once you visit the website, click the ‘More Options’ button. After that, click on the Book Flight option to start the ticket booking process.
  • Email customer support: today, you can email customer care to request a booking service. The agent will book the flight and send you a flight confirmation email. Tropic Air’s email address is
  • Call customer care: another option is to call customer care directly on +501-226-2626 to request help. Usually, the agents don’t charge customers for the booking service. The beauty of contacting customer support is that you can take advantage of a reasonable travel deal.

Flight Check-in Process

The airline has the best check-in policy that encourages passengers to confirm their reservations. Today the airline offers two distinct ways of checking in. For example, you can;

  • Check-in at the airport:  it’s advisable that one confirm your reservation at the airport for domestic flights. Please note that you need to check-in at least 20 minutes before the flight. For this reason, it makes sense to arrive at the airport much earlier to avoid missing your flight.
  • Web check-in: Please note that you can visit official site to confirm your reservation. You’ll only be required to provide a flight booking number and your private information. The beauty of web check-in is that it’s both convenient and fast.

In-Flight Amenities

Nothing will impress you more about Tropic Air that it’s impressive in-flight amenities. Usually, customers have to pay a small fee to access some of these facilities. However, you can access some of these amenities for free, irrespective of your travel class.

Here is a full list of all the in-flight amenities available for you.

  • Comfortable seats: all passengers are entitled to fancy leather seats. The good news is that sometimes the airline allows you to select your preferred flight when checking in. You’ll be happy to know that you can convert these seats to a flatbed.
  • Onboard bathroom: usually, passengers can access an in-flight bathroom. The good news is that the airline won’t charge you any penny to access it. However, you need to seek the cabin crew’s permission before you access the lavatory.

Baggage Policy

They allows one to carry luggage while flying with them. You’re free to add baggage to your flight when completing a Tropic book a flight. However, you must be willing to abide by all the baggage policies, such as the size and weight restrictions. Here is a summary of these luggage policies that you need to follow dutifully.

  • Each passenger is entitled to a baggage allowance of luggage under 23 kilograms.
  • Ensure that none of your travel bags measures more than 62 inches.
  • Each passenger can only bring a maximum of one carry-on.
  • One can bring carry-on luggage, such as a personal bag or a backpack.
  • No carry one item should weigh more than 7 kilograms.
  • Overweight baggage must not have total dimensions of over 157 centimeters.

Tropic Air Cancellation Policy

They allows customers to cancel a reservation for whatever reason. Usually, the airline has a 24-hour cancellation policy for you. If you cancel a Tropic Air online booking within 24 hours, you won’t have to pay any flight cancellation fee.

  • Contact customer care: passengers can choose to call customer service to request them to cancel an air ticket for them. Kindly feel free to dial +501-226-2626 to ask an agent to cancel the flight for you and start the refunding process.
  • Email customer service: They allows you to connect with customer support on email. All you need to do is request Please ensure that you include vital information such as your ticket number and surname.

Customers must know that they must submit the cancellation request at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight. If you delay beyond the departure flight, Tropic Air won’t refund you.

Flight Change Policy

They allows one to change a reservation for whatever reason. Some travelers prefer to re-book to capitalize on Tropic Air cheap tickets. However, you must know that for international flights, you must re-book at least 24 hours before departure time.

On the other hand, for domestic flights, a traveler must request a flight change at least 2 hours in advance. Remember that the airline requires enough time to find a suitable replacement for you. Here are some of the re-booking options available for you

  • Email customer support: the first option re-booking option is to send customer support an email. Kindly request re-booking services by sending an email to
  • Phone customer care: alternatively, you can contact the customer to request a re-booking service. Please feel at liberty to get in touch with customer care by calling +501-226-2626. The representative will re-book for free within a few minutes and send you a flight confirmation message.
  • Webchat: the third option is to visit to chat with a customer care agent directly. Kindly click on the ‘Message Us’ option to start the chat session with one of the Tropic Air customer service representatives.
  • Visit the airport: another option is to visit any of the Tropic Air hubs to request assistance. The security officer will direct you to the customer help desk, where you’ll meet a team of customer care agents.

Here’s some good news, The airline does not charge travelers a flight change fee. However, customers should abide by the flight change policy in totality lest you lose their hard-earned travel funds.

About Tropic Air Customer Service

One common question people ask is whether they can call customer care to request them to book flights for them. Well, customer service agents are free to offer any service to the travelers. For this reason, you’re free to call Tropic Air phone number +501-226-2626 to speak to a live customer care agent.

As you know by now, agents do not charge a service fee. Therefore you can request assistance if necessary. If your call does not go through, you can explore any other options discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if my flight to Belize is delayed if my final destination?

Typically, if your flight gets delayed, you can opt to claim compensation. However, if your final destination is Belize, Tropic Air will automatically book another flight for you. In most cases, the airline will book the next available flight that has available seats.
Customers need to understand that several factors necessitate a flight delay. For instance, if the weather is unfavorable, Tropic Air won’t risk flying.

2. What’s the deadline for re-booking a flight?

If you wish to re-book a flight, you must be time-conscious lest they will reject your request. For international flights, you must submit the request at least 24 hours in advance. On the other hand, you need to submit the request at least 2 hours before the departure time, for a domestic flight.

3. What types of flights can I book?

They allows three different types of flight. You can book either a One-way reservation, a Round trip, or a Multi-city booking. Additionally, it’s important to note that you can fly domestically or internationally. Ordinarily, international reservations attract a higher flight fee.

4. Can I include a kid over two years in my reservation?

Yes, you can! During booking, one must specify the number of passengers to include in the booking. Today you’re free to add both adults as well as infants. However, you must note that an infant must be at least 24 months old.
Usually, the more the number of passengers, the higher the booking fee. Hence you must be careful to ensure that you select the right number of passengers.

5. Do Tropic Air reservations have flexible dates?

Yes, they do! If a passenger wants a reservation with a flexible date, they check that option while booking a flight. Flexible dates mean that you can fly a few days either before or after the date you want
If you opt to request a representative to book the flight for you, remember to tell them that.

6. What are some of Tropic Air Partner Destinations?

Tropic Air is willing to do all it can to attract more travelers. For this reason, the airline has partnered with other airlines to enable flyers to fly to new destinations that it ordinarily does not visit.
Some of these partners include;
TAG Airlines
Copa Airlines
CM Airlines

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