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This airline is a widely respected flag carrier in Dublin. Technically the airline was established in 1984 but started operations the following year. Anybody will be right to say that the airline’s parent company is Ryanair Holdings plc. You won’t believe this; the airline flies to over 220 different destinations, both local and international.

That fact explains the importance of understanding the airline’s travel policies. Lucky for you this captivating write-up will spare no details. Firstly, we’ll begin by understanding the Ryanair reservations process. Additionally, we’ll also learn about travel classes, among plenty of other travel policies. You can’t afford not to read this, to the last word; you stand to gain immensely.

RyanAir Reservations

Flight Booking Process

Passengers need to fathom the Ryanair flight booking process properly. Technically, the airline allows one to complete a booking on the airline’s official website. All you need to do is to follow straightforward on-screen instructions. Interestingly, it’s possible to clear the booking fee by using a suitable online payment option.

Alternatively, a client can opt to get in touch directly with customer care to request a booking. Remember that the airline permits customer care representatives to book flight tickets on behalf of travelers. In most cases, customer care won’t charge you for the service.

Those are not the only available options; you’re free to leverage offline ticket booking options. For instance, you can email customer support for help. However, you must pay the booking fee in advance, for this option to work. Ordinarily, the agents will complete online booking within 24 hours. Lastly, you can visit the airport to request for Ryanair reservations. The airline has multiple Ryanair customer service representatives working at their head offices as well as the airport. Please note that if you visit the airport, you’re at liberty to pay for the booking fee, in cash.

Get Airlines Cheap Tickets

Who wouldn’t want to save money? Here’s some impressive news, Airlines sells cheaper air tickets. However, you need to reserve the flight on the airline’s official site to enjoy them. Sometimes the airline offers huge discounts during peak season. This discount helps one to book cheap flights tickets.

If you subscribe to the airline on email, they’ll always alert you. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. The good news is that these discounts apply to all the travel classes.

Travel Classes

Just like other airlines, this airlines has three different travel classes. These are;

a) First-class

This travel class is the fanciest of the three. Here you enjoy multiple facilities such as restaurants, restrooms, to mention but just a few. The main demerit is that you’ll have to pay the most expensive booking fee. As one can rightly guess, this is the most spacious travel class.

b) Economy class

This travel class is broadly categorized into Premium Economy as well as Economy class. It features a considerable distance between rows. In most cases, this travel class suits leisure travelers perfectly.

The good news is that passengers can enjoy all the necessary basic accommodation. Additionally, you’ll realize that the class is relatively comfortable. Feel free to reserve this flight booking at an affordable rate.

c) Business Travel Class

As the name suggests, this section suits business travelers. It features an excellent seat that you can convert to a small bed. Apart from that, you get to enjoy fast-speed Wi-Fi. Not to add, that you have access to finger-licking food as well as entertainment facilities. It makes perfect sense to buy these flight ticket reservations.

Group Travel

Travelers can book group travel and enjoy the immense benefits that come with it. However, a group needs to comprise at least 15 members or more. For this reason, you can travel as a family or a sports team or as a group of students. To reserve this Ryanair flight booking, you ought to request a quote.

Interestingly, group booking attracts endless benefits. Below are some of the notable ones;

  • Equal fare for all; one of the most notable benefits is that all the members pay the same airfare. Each of the group members needs to pay an equal amount of the airfare.
  • Access to experienced cabin crew; unlike other bookings, this Ryanair reservations is highly beneficial. Group members can easily access a dedicated cabin crew for immediate assistance.
  • Flexible name changing; Sometimes, one may goof while filling in a quote. You don’t need to get alarmed as we’re all prone to mistakes. The beauty of this booking is that you can edit a name later. Additionally, it’s not a must to submit all the group members’ names during online booking.

More destinations options:

unlike other airlines that limit the number of destinations a group can travel to, doesn’t. You can complete this flight booking to travel to over 200 different destinations.

Flight Change Policy

The air service gives you the liberty to modify a booking if you no longer wish to travel. However, you must know that you may have to pay a flight change fee. Additionally, if the alternative flight is pricier, you’ll need to foot the fare difference. A traveler must submit the flight change request at least 3 hours before the set time of departure.

Refund Policy

It’s not possible to talk about Airlines’ travel policies without including the refund policy. Firstly, passengers must understand that the refund policy only applies to a valid Ryanair booking. Therefore you have no choice but to nullify the Ryanair reservations before the set date of departure. The good news is that some air tickets have a longer validity. Therefore it’s vital to know about the validity of your air ticket.

Passengers need to know that the airline first deducts all applicable service charges. If the total service charges exceed the payable refund, you won’t receive any repayment. Feel free to contact Ryanair customer service number to inquire about how much reimbursement you deserve.

Refund Airlines Contacts

Technically, there are multiple ways of reaching customer care for assistance. Firstly, one can call +1-855-936-1490 to talk to customer care representative. You’ll be happy to know that you can contact Ryanair customer service helpdesk to ask them to reserve a Ryanair flight booking. The encouraging reality is that agents won’t charge you an extra fee for the service.

However, you must know that the cost of the call is $0.6 per minute. The longer you talk to the agent, the more the airtime you’ll pay. Alternatively, you can email customer care any question, suggestion, or complaint. For instance, if your Ryanair booking fee doesn’t reflect, you should get immediate help.

RyanAir Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I book an air ticket if I am under 18 years? 

Yes, you can! However, the traveler needs to be above 16 years to book a Ryanair booking. If you’ve ever booked via official site, you know that the airline does not allow kids to travel alone. However, you’re free to travel with an adult such as a parent or an elder sibling.
That is not to suggest that you can lie about your age. Remember that you must provide essential personal documents. This Airlines will take the time to verify your details.

2. Can I modify a local flight to an international flight?

Yes, you can! Airline’s flight change policy accommodates several scenarios. For instance, if you wish to cancel a local flight, you’re free to do so. However, you must understand that international flights attract a higher booking fee. Therefore, you’ll have to cough the extra amount needed.
A passenger must first confirm whether the airline is offering an alternative flight. Remember that if you cannot re-book an unavailable flight. Don’t hesitate to call at thier helpline number.

3. Can I book a private flight?

Yes, you can! As mentioned before, the airline has three different travel classes. Therefore, you’re free to book a First Class to travel more comfortably. The reality is that in such a case, you have no choice but to pay a relatively pricier air ticket.

4. Is customer care available 24 hours?

No, there is not! Customer care agents work during the day. However, that is not to mean that you cannot email them, at any time. Usually, the airline’s contacts are only open during business hours. The reality is that you can, but they’ll only address your concern during the working hours.

5. Apart from direct calling, which other option is equally fast and reliable?

You’re free to chat with customer care representatives online. All you need to do is, visit the airline’s official website and start a chat with them. You’re free to request for any form of help necessary. For instance, if you wish to revoke a Ryanair flight booking, they’ll gladly help you out.


What makes airlines stand out? Well, the reality is that the airline has the friendliest policy/As you’ll agree by now, the Ryanair reservations process is fast and straightforward. Additionally, a customer can request a refund, if they no longer wish to travel.

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