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About the Airlines

Piedmont Airlines is a well-established flag carrier based in America. The airline was established in 1961 and has grown by leaps and bounds ever since. Today, the headquarters of Piedmont Airlines is in Salisbury, Maryland. Here’s some shocking news, every year, millions of customers across the globe book Piedmont Airlines reservations.

Piedmont Airlines phone number

Piedmont Airlines Phone Number and Details

Piedmont Airlines Reservations Number+1-855-936-1490
Piedmont Airlines Phone Number+1-855-936-1490
Piedmont Airlines Customer Service+1-855-936-1490
Address5443 Airport Terminal Rd.
Salisbury, MD 21804
Contact for General Query410-572-5100

How to Make a Piedmont Airlines Reservations

They provides several ways of booking a reservation. For instance, customers can either take advantage of online booking options or offline options. You’re free to.

  • Book a ticket on the airline’s official website: the first option you can try is to visit piedmont-airlines.com to book an air ticket. Once you visit the website, you should select your preferred flight. After that, provide all the required flight details such as destination, number of passengers, arrival date, and travel date.
  • Phone customer service: alternatively, you can request customer care to book an air ticket for you. Customer care agents will book the reservation for you and email you your Piedmont Airlines reservations number +1-855-936-1490.
  • Visit the airport: lastly, you can choose to visit to book a flight in person. Request any security officer to direct you to the customer support desk.
  • Chat with customer care on social media: another alternative is to reach out to customer service on their social media platforms. Today Piedmont Airlines has social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Flight Check-In Process

Piedmont Airlines expects customers to confirm their Piedmont Airlines flight reservations before the flight. A client is free to check-in;

  • Check-in at the airport: one option you can consider is to check-in at the airport. However, the downside is that you may experience a delay there. For this reason, you must arrive there, a few hours in advance.
  • On the airline’s mobile app: the airline allows you to check-in for the flight on Piedmont Airlines’ mobile app. You’ll only have to complete a few steps. If you experience any difficulty using the app, feel free to call the Piedmont Airlines phone number +1-855-936-1490. Please note that you will be expected to provide essential details such as flight booking number and your surname. Therefore in case you’re unsure about any of these details, you can contact customer service.

In-Flight Amenities

Piedmont Airlines provides several facilities for customers. However, you must note that these amenities vary depending on the travel class. Normally some cabin classes have fancier facilities than others. Here are some of these incredible facilities;

  • In-flight bathroom: just like other airlines worth their salt, Piedmont Airlines has an onboard bathroom. A client is free to use it at no cost during the flight. The good news is that this facility is available to all passengers regardless of their travel class.
  • Comfy leather seats: how can we forget to mention the beautiful leather seats? Each customer is entitled to one of these extremely comfortable seats. Surprisingly, these seats can be converted to flatbeds.
  • Finger-licking meals and drinks: the list is incomplete without both food and drinks. The airline sells food and drinks to passengers during the flight. Prices of these meals may vary depending on the specific meal.

Baggage Policy

Piedmont Airlines has the friendliest baggage policy of all. A customer is free to carry a travel bag as long as they pay the specified baggage fee.

  • Each customer can enjoy a baggage allowance of one cabin luggage. Additionally, you can bring an electronic device, a purse, or a briefcase.
  • Kindly note that not all customers are eligible for a free luggage allowance. For this reason, if you’re eligible, the airline will include that in your air ticket.
  • Each travel class has some specific weight and size restrictions. For instance, if you wish to fly Economy class, your luggage must not surpass 23 kilograms.
  • If you wish to fly Business class, ensure that your travel bag does not weigh more than 32 kilograms. Similarly, you must ensure that your travel bag’s dimensions do not exceed 158 centimeters.
  • A carry-on bag should not have product dimensions of beyond 56 centimeters by 36 centimeters by 23 kilograms. Additionally, the travel bag must not weigh more than 10 kilograms.
  • A traveler can bring an overweight as well as an oversized travel bag. However, you must know that in such a case, you’ll be required to pay an additional fee of $150. It’s equally important that you notify Piedmont Airlines customer service.

Kindly note that each personal item, such as a briefcase, must not have product dimensions of more than 20 centimeters by 35 centimeters by 45 centimeters.

Piedmont Airlines Cancellation Policy

Piedmont Airlines has a customer-friendly flight cancellation policy that allows you to cancel a flight. However, you must know that a non-refundable flight cancellation service charge will apply.

The airline has a 24-hour ticket cancellation policy, which allows you to revoke a reservation within 24 hours. In such a case, you won’t have to pay any flight cancellation fee.

If you delay beyond 24 hours, you’ll be expected to cough up a service charge of at least $25. It’s crucial that you first call the Piedmont Airlines customer service number +1-855-936-1490 to know how much reservation cancellation fee will apply.

Please note that you must cancel the air ticket before your air ticket expires. Typically Piedmont Airlines air tickets have a total validity of 12 months.

Flight Change Policy

Piedmont Airlines allows one to re-book for whatever reason. However, you must know that this policy only applies to valid air tickets. You can either choose to re-book online or use an offline re-booking option. For instance, you can dial the customer care number to request them to change your Piedmont Airlines reservations.

Kindly first confirm whether the alternative flight is available. If you book a pricier flight, you’ll be expected to top up to complete the re-booking successfully. Today one must complete the re-booking at least 5 hours before the departure time.

Piedmont Airlines Customer Service

Piedmont Airlines boasts of the most professional customer care. A client is free to contact these agents to request any form of help necessary by calling
+1-855-936-1490. For instance, you can request a customer care representative to help you complete a Piedmont Airlines book a flight. You’ll be relieved to know that customer care agents don’t charge customers for the services they offer.

Piedmont Airlines Flight Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Piedmont offer offline booking options?

Yes, they do! As mentioned before, the airline allows you to book a reservation through whichever way you please. For example, you can get in touch with customer care by direct calling. The good news is that customer service won’t charge any service charge.
Alternatively, you can opt to visit the airport to request customer support to lend a hand. Unknown to some people, if you book an air ticket at the airport you can pay the booking fee in cash.

2. Can I include several passengers in one reservation?

Yes, you can! Please note that during booking, you must specify the number of people you include in the reservation. However, you must know that the more passengers you add to your reservation, the higher the total booking becomes.
Travelers must know that each reservation must comprise at least one adult. Kids are not allowed to book a reservation on their own. A parent or a guardian is free to complete a Piedmont Airlines online booking for them.

3. Can I book a flight on the mobile app? Does Piedmont Airlines have a mobile app?

No, you can’t! Unfortunately, the airline is yet to launch a mobile app. However, you can take advantage of other booking options available to you. For instance, you can easily book a flight on the airline’s official website.
Alternatively, you can request customer care representatives to book the flight for you via email. As long as you include all the vital details in your email, the team will complete the booking for you.

4. What is Piedmont Airlines refund policy?

Piedmont Airlines has the most impressive refund policy. As hinted above, a customer can cancel an air ticket as long as it’s still valid. If you cancel the reservation within 24 hours, you’re entitled to a full refund.
On the contrary, if you delay beyond that, the airline will first deduct the flight cancellation fee. In some cases, tax may apply, hence you receive the final amount. Ordinarily, the airline takes at least 14 business days to settle all refunds fully.
Usually, the airline refunds the specific traveler who paid the booking fee. However, in case of death or sickness, the airline can repay the next of kin. If you canceled your booking and booked a cheaper flight, you can equally request for repayment.

5. Can I include my kid in my booking?

Yes, you can! As you know by now, you can include several passengers in one reservation. Just as adults, kids too need to pay a booking fee. However, minors will be a more discounted flight fee than adults. Please note that even if you include multiple passengers in one reservation, you’ll still get one flight reservation number +1-855-936-1490.

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