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Founded in 1941, fondly known as PAL, is more than half a century old. For many years, This airlines has served the Philippines as its official carrier, flying to several destinations around the world. Its headquarters is in the PNB center in Pasay City. Together with its subsidiaries, they reaches 98 destinations. Making Philippine Airlines reservations is simple thanks to a very dynamic online platform. You can Dial Philippine Airlines reservations number +1-855-936-1490 for booking tickets.

Philippine Airlines reservations

Interacting with Airline’s Online Platform

With the advancements in technology, even booking flights is now way easy. Airlines tickets reservations can now effortlessly be done online. The user interface is interactive and resourceful. It also lets you search for the flights yourself on the platform. Additionally, airlines flight reservations procedures can be done several days ahead. This is possible from wherever you are in the world. It doesn’t have to take an agent or a travel agency.

This is all thanks to the secure online booking system. You can also find out about baggage allowances on the online platform. To save you the hassle of queuing at the airport, you can opt for a more convenient flight check in. It’s time-saving and fun. Additionally, you can find cheap flight deals when purchasing flight tickets via their website.

They tries to advise its customers to book flights when they’re sure about taking a trip. While airline cancellation is not available via their online booking platform, there are workable alternatives. All you have to do is the airline’s ticket office and have your flights canceled. Alternatively, you can reach them via email if you don’t stay close to any booking office. 

Then again, there are instances when airlines might cancel flights, usually with solid reasons. Typically, you will receive prior notifications. If you wish to keep tabs on your flight status, you can provide with your phone or email address. This way, you can stay on the loop when anything comes up. You are entitled to a full reward should this happen.

Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowances vary depending on which flight tickets you’re traveling on. Each package has its own baggage allowance policy. When you have a piece of baggage with you, it will be carried with you on the same flight you’re in. Should there not be sufficient space, it will be sent to the next airline with enough space. 

Additionally, Economy class travelers will be allowed a baggage allowance of not more than 30 kilograms. If you’re traveling on a premium economy class, you will be allowed to carry up to 35 kilograms of luggage. Business-class travelers will be entitled to 40 kilograms worth of carrying capacity on the flight. These allowances may vary depending on flight routes.

Service animals and accompanying persons with different conditions will be allowed into the cabin. This airlines will, however, issue the necessary procedure. This also includes foods and carrying containers for said animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get my refund in hard cash from Airline?

Yes, you can apply to have your refund handed to you in cash. However, this is only possible if requests are made not more than two business days after the ticket was bought.

2. How long does it take to get refunds from the Airlines?

According to the official website, due to the current pandemic, refund periods may vary. This depends on the current quarantine conditions. Tickets will take between three and five months to be refunded. The amount will be debited to your bank account or credit card used to pay for the flight.

3. I booked a flight but never used my ticket. Do I qualify for a recharge?

They generally issues refunds for unredeemed airline tickets. All you have to do is submit your unused ticket before a period of 15 months from the date you were issued with the ticket. When going to apply or inquire about a refund from the Airlines offices, make sure to bring your identification documents.

4. Do I get refunded for a lost ticket?

A refund for a lost ticket is possible because it is similar to getting a refund for an unused ticket. Visit the official webpage and apply for the refund.

5. Do I get a refund if Airlines cancels my flight?

If Airlines cancels your flight due to several factors, such as a natural disaster or change in weather patterns, they can reschedule you to another plane. However, if you are not interested in traveling anymore, you are eligible for a refund.


Philippine Airlines is a committed carrier with years of flight experience. The years they’ve spent in the aviation industry gives them unrivaled experience. With close to a hundred destinations both domestically and worldwide on its profile, the airline strives to give the best experience. They have a reliable Philippine Airlines reservations team. The hotlines are open 24 hours a day.

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