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Japan Airlines is, without a doubt, the best airline in Japan. This flag carrier was established in 1951 and has grown incredibly over the 7 decades it has been in operation. Today, the headquarters of this airline is in Tokyo in Japan. Shockingly, the airline boasts of an impressive fleet size of nearly 180.

You won’t believe this; the airline flies to close to 100 different destinations. For this reason, millions of passengers book Japan Airlines reservations to a destination of their choice.

Japan Airlines Customer Service

Japan Airlines Phone Number USA Details

Japan Airlines Phone Number USA1 (800) 525-3663
Call JAL Reservations1-800JAL-FONE (1-800-525-3663)
Japan Airlines Customer Service USA+1-855-936-1490
Refund ApplicationRefund – JAL International Flights
Special Service Support1 (800) 525-3663
Cargo TrackingShipment Tracking – JAL International Cargo

How to Make a Japan Airlines Reservations USA

They provides the most convenient flight booking options. You’ll be relieved to know that this flag carrier offers both online and offline booking modes. Therefore customers are free to try whichever option they please to complete a Japan Airlines booking.

Here are these options:

  • Book an air ticket online: the first online option is booking an air ticket on www.jal.co.jp. Upon visiting this website fill in a few flight details. Such information includes; the point of departure, destination, number of passengers, travel class, and travel dates.
  • Book a flight on the mobile app: in 2017, JAL unveiled an effective mobile app. Customers can use the JAL mobile to book both domestic and international air tickets. The beauty of this option is that it is as reliable as booking a flight on Japan Airlines reservations official site.
  • Request help from customer service: thirdly, one can call customer care to request them to book a flight for them. Unlike most Japan Airlines customer service won’t charge you for the assistance.

If you complete the booking successfully, you ought to receive a flight confirmation email. The email will feature vital flight details such as the Japan Airlines reservations number. Kindly note that flight booking numbers are usually unique.

Japan Airlines Reservations

Flight Check-in Policy

Japan Airlines demands that all customers confirm a booking before the flight. Ordinarily, this process opens at least 24 hours before the flight. Today, the check-in process closes at least an hour to departure time. Therefore customers have no excuse for not confirming their booking.

Below are some of the ways through which you can confirm your booking:

  • Check in the airline’s official website: a customer is free to visit www.jal.co.jp to confirm an air ticket. However, this option does not apply if you book your flight via a travel agent. Please click on manage booking options, then select the web check-in process to confirm your booking.
  • Phone customer care: some customers opt to call 1 (800) 525-3663 to request help from Japan Airlines customer service USA. The good news, though, is that customer care agents are available to customers 24 hours.
  • Confirm at the airport: the second option at your disposal is to confirm your booking at the airport. As mentioned before, the check-in process closes at least an hour to departure time. Unfortunately, this option is unreliable as you may experience delay there. Therefore it’s advisable that you arrive earlier to avoid missing the flight.

In-Flight Amenities

JAL is fully committed to making your flight memorable. For this reason, they provide multiple in-flight amenities to the passengers. Ordinarily, the airline will charge you to use some of these facilities.

  • In-flight Wi-Fi: the airline offers strong and secure internet to passengers. For this reason, passengers can connect their smartphones, tablets, or laptops during the flight. However, you must know that you’ll be required to pay a small charge depending on the duration. For instance, if you wish to access this Wi-Fi for an hour, you’ll be required to pay $10. Feel free to pay this fee when completing a Japan Airlines online booking.
  • Power outlets; passengers can easily access power outlets to charge their devices during the flight. Normally the airline won’t charge you any fee to use this facility. The impressive news is that these facilities are available in all cabin classes.
  • In-flight entertainment: you may have heard about the MAGIC, an amazing in-flight entertainment system. Thanks to this, passengers can access highly thrilling content such as music, games, and movies.
  • Inflight bathroom: passengers can equally access an onboard lavatory during the flight. However, you must notify the crew first for apparent reasons. The amazing news is that the airline won’t charge you any penny to access this amenity.
  • Blankets: unlike ordinary airlines, JAL offers warm blankets to passengers. However, the airline provides passengers with blankets during international flights to keep warm, especially during the night.

Baggage Policy

  • JAL permits one to carry luggage onto the plane. However, you must remember that the airline will charge you a small baggage fee.
  • Normally each customer can only bring one carry-on bag onto the plane. You can also bring one personal item such as a handbag, a laptop, or any other allowed item.
  • Please note that a carry-on bag must not weigh more than 10 kilograms. Additionally, the travel bag must not have a total dimension of over 115 centimeters. You’re free to add baggage to your reservation during flight check-in.
  • First-class and Business class passengers can enjoy a checked baggage allowance of two travel bags.
  • Usually, size and limitations vary depending on the cabin class. For instance, for First class, no travel bag can weigh more than 32 kilograms.
  • A passenger can bring a piece of overweight baggage onto the plane. However, you must know that the airline will charge you an additional $200 for each oversized travel bag.

Japan Airlines Cancellation Policy

They allows travelers to cancel their Japan Airlines flight tickets as long as it’s still valid. Normally JAL reservations have a total validity of 12 months. Here’s some good news, JAL has a customer-friendly 24-hour flight cancellation policy.

If you cancel an air ticket within 24 hour after booking, you’re entitled to a full refund. Once that period expires, you’ll be expected to pay a fixed flight cancellation charge of at least $4. Usually, the airline deducts this service charge from the already paid booking fee.

Japan Airlines Flight Change Policy

JAL gives you the freedom to change your reservation if you so choose. However, you must note that you’ll be required to part with a small service charge in such a case. One can re-book on official website or by Japan Airlines phone number USA.

If you book a more expensive flight, you ought to top up. On the other hand, if you book a cheaper flight, you may request a refund. However, if the amount is less than the flight change fee, you won’t receive any repayment.

Most customers opt to call customer care agents to request them to re-book the air ticket for them. As mentioned before, the airline won’t charge you any fee for this. You must confirm your Japan Airlines flight status earlier to avoid any inconvenience.

Know About Japan Airlines Customer Service USA

JAL is widely credited for having the best customer care agents ever. The good news is that customer support is available for customers 24/7. Today, customers can reach customer care representatives through direct calling, email, or social media. Japan Airlines customer service agents are usually highly professional and friendly. Customers can get in touch with them to request any form of help. For instance, you can contact them to ask them to complete a Japan Airlines book flight for you.

Japan Airlines Flight Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the web check-in process open?

Normally the web check-in process opens at least 24 hours before departure time. Therefore customers can conveniently confirm their reservations from the comfort of their homes. All you need to provide is your surname and the ticket number.
Today the check-in process closes at least an hour to departure time. For this reason, you ought to be time-conscious.

2. Does Japan Airlines sell cheap tickets?

Yes, they do! The airline sells discounted air tickets to flyers based on their age. For instance, travelers above 65 years can enjoy discounted fares. Similarly, infant kids, as well as those under 12 years, can enjoy cheaper tickets.

3. Can I carry medication if I am unwell?

Yes, you can! However, if your medication should be maintained warm or cold, it’s your responsibility to do so. Japan Airlines does not permit the crew to take care of medication during the flight.
Please ensure that your medication is labeled accordingly for obvious reasons. Additionally, you’ll be required to carry a certificate from your doctor. Passengers can carry injections as long as their doctors authorize them to do so.

4. Does Japan Airlines allow non-members of JMB to book domestic flights online?

Yes, they can! Anybody can book a domestic flight online if they so choose. You’ll have to follow the same steps as if you were booking an international air ticket. Online booking involves booking a flight on the airline’s official website or the Japan Airlines reservations mobile app.

5. Can I select a seat online if I booked my reservation through a travel agent?

Yes, you can! The airline allows one to select their preferred seat when confirming their reservation online. Please remember that web check-in opens 24 hours and closes an hour before the set departure time.
Kindly note that departure time is usually the local time of the specific airport. For this reason, you must be careful, especially if you’re in a different time zone.

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