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As the name implies, Finnair Airlines is a highly esteemed carrier in Finland. The flag carrier was established in 1923 and has grown unlimitedly over the years. It may interest you to know that the headquarters of the airline is in Vantaa in Helsinki airport. Today, the airline has a shocking fleet size of 84. That’s not all; Finnair Airlines flies to nearly 120 distinguished destinations, both local and international.

For this reason, it makes sense to understand the airline’s travel policies properly. Initially, the article will focus on how to book Finnair reservations. Apart from that, it will equally touch on other important policies.

Finnair Customer Service

Finnair Phone Number and Flight Informations

Finnair Reservations Phone Number1 800 950 5000
Finnair Customer Service Phone Number1 800 950 5000
Online support (Finland)358 9 818 1611
Booking Number1 800 950 5000
Baggage Service
Lost Property Phone Number358 600 41 006
Parent companyFinnair Group
Fleet size83 (incl. Nordic Regional Airlines)
HubsHelsinki Airport
HeadquartersHelsinki Airport, Vantaa, Finland

Finnair Airlines Booking Process

Potential passengers need to understand Finnair Airlines booking process. Usually, the airline encourages clients to book Finnair booking tickets online. You can quickly reserve an air ticket on the airline’s official website. All you need to do is to fill up a form on the website. After that, you’ll have to pay up a specific amount of the booking fee.

Alternatively, you can request customer support to reserve Finnair flight tickets for you. Customer care agents are free to reserve a booking for a traveler at no extra charges. Interestingly, the airline recognizes offline booking options.

For example, you can visit Helsinki airport to secure Finnair reservations. The beauty of this option is that it allows you to pay the booking fee in cash, if you so, please.

Finnair Airlines Group Bookings

Passengers are at liberty to book a group booking if they like. However, you need to ensure that your group consists of at least ten members or more. Please note that you can only book this reservation for either an Economy or a Business travel class. In some rare cases, the group may comprise under ten members. The downside of this is that group terms and conditions won’t apply anymore.

Technically, there are several ways of booking these Finnair flight tickets. Firstly, you may choose to get in touch with the airline’s customer care. Alternatively, you can opt to email customer support to request for help. In most cases, travel agencies handle these kinds of bookings.

Expectedly, these bookings attract a reasonable discount. Not to add, that you can settle the payment over time.

Passengers with Special Needs

Finnair Airlines takes specialized care of passengers with special needs. However, a passenger has a responsibility to notify customer care in advance. If you need any special assistance, don’t hesitate to inform the support team via +358 9818 0800. Another option available is to email the support soon after Finnair online booking.

The airline has several professional assistants to aid travelers with any form of disability. For instance, if you’re immobile, the cabin crew will help by pushing your wheelchair. Similarly, if you have hearing problems, engage a cabin crew to interpret the travel instructions.

Pet Policy on Assistance Dogs

You’re free to travel with your assistance dog for whatever reason. However, you must prove that the animal is fully trained. These dogs help passengers with special needs. The good news is that the airline won’t charge you an extra booking fee for traveling with the animal.

Nowadays, you must notify customer service about the assistance dogs in advance. Regularly, the airline expects a traveler to inform them at least 48 hours before the flight. It’s possible to notify the support team when booking Finnair booking tickets.

Flight Change Policy

Finnair Airlines does not prohibit you from modifying your booking. The unfortunate reality is that some ticket types may be limiting. This fact explains the importance of reading the fare rules of your Finnair reservations. Interestingly, you can change a booking on the same day you reserve it.

Kindly note that Finnair Airlines charges a reasonable flight change fee. Apart from that, a passenger may have to foot a fare difference, if it applies. One needs to alter a flight at least 3 hours, before the set departure time.

Before you modify a flight, you ought to first confirm whether the alternative flight is on offer. One common mistake clients make is re-booking before they confirm if a booking is on offer. Consequently, they end up canceling the Finnair online booking hence suffering the unenviable inconvenience.

Finnair Airlines Policy on Food

You’ll be relieved to know that the airline permits a passenger to carry their food. However, you must ensure that the food doesn’t flout the safety regulation. It’s especially vital to bring food if you wish to travel with your pet. Fascinatingly, you can easily buy food as there are air hostesses on board. Remember that the airline does not factor in food in the Finnair booking tickets.

Refund Policy

There’s no better refund policy than that of Finnair Airlines. A passenger is entitled to a refund, if they hold valid Finnair flight tickets. Typically you ought to notify customer care early enough. Please note that the airline takes at most 21 days to process a refund.

It may interest you to know that the airline first deducts applicable service charges. Consequently, you’ll receive the final amount after all the deductions. The refund policy dictates that the airline ought to repay whoever paid the booking fee.

If you fail to get your repayment within 21 days, don’t hesitate to call customer care. You can equally contact customer service to confirm whether your Finnair reservations are valid.

Baggage Policy

Factually speaking, Finnair airlines charge a small baggage fee for each bag. In most cases, the airline expects a client to pay this fee at the airport. Remember that the carrier must first weigh your luggage. Therefore you shouldn’t clear this travel fee when booking Finnair flight tickets.

Finnair Flights – FAQs

1. Can I travel with a newborn baby?

Yes, you can! However, the airline expects the birth mother to accompany the baby. Additionally, you need to present a medical certificate from your doctor; to get the go-ahead to travel. Remember that the airline has a responsibility to guarantee the safety and comfort of each passenger.
That explains why the airline discourages mothers from flying with a small baby. On the bright side, the airline has multiple attendants. A mother can request special assistance during Finnair online booking. The attendant will help to guarantee the comfort of both the mother and her newborn child.

2. What’s the airline’s refund period?

Today, Finnair Airlines processes refunds within 3weeks. Customer care needs enough time to determine how much repayment you deserve. As hinted before, the airline deducts any applicable service charge from the paid booking fee.
If your refund delays abnormally. You have no reason to worry. As long as your Finnair online booking is valid, you’ll receive a refund.

3. Does Finnair Airlines have in-flight internet?

Yes, they do! Recently, Finnair launched Wi-Fi for passengers. The beauty of this internet is that it’s both fast and secure. Unfortunately, the airline does not include the Wi-Fi cost in the booking. Therefore you’ll need to cough up $6 to enjoy the internet.
Better still, you may opt to pay $18 to enjoy secure internet connectivity for the entire flight. You have no reason to get bored during the flight. If you’re traveling with a kid, it may make sense to control what your kid surfs online.

4. Is there sizable parking space at the airport?

Yes, there is! The reality is that you’ll have to pay a small parking fee. Here’s some good news, if you’re disabled you’ll enjoy free parking. Therefore you have no reason to worry; you can use any car you please to carry your luggage.
Regularly, the airline may limit how long you park at the lot. Remember that the airline draws hundreds of people daily. Thus, once you’re done with your business at the airport, please pave the way for others.

5. What’s the airline’s hotline?

Do you have any hot questions, suggestions, or complaints? Don’t worry as the airline’s customer care representatives are reachable. The quickest way to get in touch with customer care is to dial +358 9818 0800.
The exciting news is that you call customer care to help you book Finnair flight tickets. Similarly, you can contact the agents to request for ticket cancellation help.

6. Does the airline allow group bookings for first class?

No, it doesn’t! Mostly, the airline allows passengers to book such bookings for either Business class or Economy class. Ordinarily, the airline reserves First Class, for individual bookings only. That is not to suggest that the other travel classes are less comfy.
Remember that First Class is usually smaller hence only suitable for individual reservations alone. Feel free to get in touch with customer support to reserve such a Finnair online booking. Alternatively, you can request a group booking quote online.


Finnair Airlines has enjoyed excellent customer ratings for valid reasons. Firstly, you’ll agree that it’s effortless to complete a Finnair online booking. Apart from that, the airline has the warmest and caring customer service. One can easily reach the team for any form of assistance. What a great carrier!

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