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Etihad Airways is a UAE airline and the second-largest flag carrier after Emirates. Its headquarters are in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. Since its commencement of operations in November 2003, They has been serving its customers in many parts of the world. Currently, the airline is flying to over 80 destinations from its hub Abu Dhabi International Airport. You’re reading this article most probably because you’re about to travel and plan to book a flight with this airline. Certainly, you’ll access all the important info you need to a smooth Etihad Airways reservations process, including online booking, baggage allowance, excess baggage cost, etc. Let’s get you started. Dial Etihad Airways reservations number +1-855-936-1490 for booking flight tickets and any other queries.

Etihad Airways Customer Service

Online Flight Booking Process

Well, this is a facility provided by Airlines where guests can make their reservations or manage their bookings over the internet on the airline’s website. Booking flights ticket online convenient and time-saving. You don’t have to get out of your house to travel to the sales and ticketing office at the airport to make a booking. You book a flight to the destination of your choice anytime, anywhere via user-friendly Etihad manage booking platform on the website or through Etihad customer service number +1-855-936-1490

You can also check your flight status and check-ins at your convenience among other services right over the internet. 

Baggage Allowance

If you’re flying in the Economy Class, you’ll enjoy a baggage allowance of TWO bags weighing 23kg max for flights to and from the US and Canada. For the First and Business Class, passengers are permitted to carry 2 bags weighing 32 kg each. Other flight routes work based on a weight concept where Economy Class passengers are allowed up to 35kg, Business Class up to 40kg, and First Class up to 50kg. However, each piece shouldn’t exceed 32kg.   

In addition to that, all passengers onboard are permitted to carry one personal item weighing 5kg maximum and one standard carry-on piece weighing up to 7kg for passengers on Economy Class, two standard carry-on bags for First and Business Classes, weighing 12kg combined weight.

Excess Baggage Cost

Excess baggage cost is dependent on the passenger’s specific route. A 23kg extra bag for flights to and from the US and Canada ranges between $256 and $300. For other routes, a passenger will be charged by1/2kg units beginning at $37. All charges, in this case, are based on buying extra luggage up to 48 hours before flight departure.  

All Etihad’s guests are advised to pre-book excess baggage to enjoy a discount on charges at the airport. Excess baggage costs vary depending on origin and destinations. It’s important to note that all excess luggage payments, whether partially or fully used, are non-refundable. You can contact Etihad customer service number +1-855-936-1490 for extra baggage information.

Flight Classes

Through the Etihad manage booking option, you can book a flight by choosing Economy Class, the lowest fare option and you’ll still enjoy great comfort with full-size blankets, smart seats, and pillows. 

The facilities in this class are amazing. If you’re traveling on a long-haul flight, you’ll be provided an amenity kit or sleepwear at a small fee. Eye-masks and dental kits are offered free-of-charge and are available on request. 

You can expect great in-flight entertainment on either 10.6-inch or 11-inch screen TV depending on whether you go with Economy seats or Economy Smart seats. Economy class passengers can also enjoy Boutique Magazines and purchase items in-flight as well as enjoy complimentary bar services for non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. 

Etihad’s Economy Class seats have been redesigned to offer maximum comfort. As mentioned, you can choose between Economy Seat or Economy Smart Seat on 787 Dreamliners and A380s with television screens and extra entertainment options. During the Etihad Airways booking, you can select a seat where you can have a standard one, neighbor-free, or enjoy extra legroom.

Premium Economy

Book the Premium Economy Class and enjoy a neighbor-free and enough legroom onboard Etihad. The facilities found in this class are the same as those in Economy Class. However, you’ll get to enjoy more here. Overnight service is offered to passengers on long-haul flights. Each seat is equipped with a personal television screen with in-flight entertainment. Additionally, there are complimentary drinks and snacks served on board. 

The seats in Premium Economy offer extra legroom of up to 36 inches. Passengers are given an opportunity to bid on up to 3 seats surrounding their seat and if the bid is won, then those seats remain free-of-passengers during the duration of the flight.

Business Class

Airline on Business Studios are available on the 787 Dreamliners and A380 and are aimed at offering a luxurious flying experience. Onboard, you’ll be able to relax with an amazing person, mood-sparking, and a massage feature, all offered with a touch of a button. Moreover, Wi-Fi connectivity is available and touch-screen high-definition televisions. The passenger is also offered noise-canceling headphones and a Dine Any Time menu. There’s an amenity kit that includes 2 Colonia products, exclusively. The A380 Upper Deck also offers a boutique hotel with Lobby space.

The cabin in this class has an outstanding design equipped with rear and forward-facing seats to provide enhanced personal space. You’ll find 2 seating options based on the airplane body. There are generously reclining seats on narrow body airplanes with enough legroom. On wide-bodied aircraft, on the other hand, passengers enjoy fully-reclining seats that can transform into a flatbed. You’ll be provided with full-size comforters, back support, pillows, cushion firmness, and adjustable headrest. 

First Class

Take advantage of online booking and book the First Class cabin for utmost comfort and luxurious flying experience whether you’re taking a short or long-haul flight. 

All First Class travelers can access Etihad’s Chauffeur service, available in the UAE. Travelers are offered a dedicated check-in service at Terminal 3 Abu Dhabi. They also enjoy their bags carried for them by a porter and escort them to each one’s check-in reception. The passengers are also allowed to access premium lounges of the airline.

In-flight, all passengers traveling in First Class are served complimentary gourmet meals from the high-class in-flight chef, a wide selection of drinks with a list of boutique wine, and cold refreshments. What’s more, each First Class traveler enjoys full Etihad’s in-flight entertainment from their TV screen available on every seat.

Other Etihad’s First Class Facilities

Boeing 787 Dreamliner: 

On Airways flights operated on aircraft, passengers enjoy the First Suite, a private suite situated on the plane. The Suite is equipped with extra comfortable seats covered in leather and can transform into a full flatbed. The unique design of this Suit lets passengers enjoy added personal space with its curved aisle and every passenger is offered a personal wardrobe full of cold refreshments. 

A380 Aircraft:

On Etihad’s flights operated by this aircraft, passengers enjoy the flying experience of First Apartment, which is an entire apartment space onboard the A380. This apartment is equipped with an out-of-the-world armchair, separate full flatbed, a vanity unit enhanced with a makeup mirror and a shower to be used by all First Class passengers. 

Passengers traveling First Class on this airplane are free to access the A380 Upper Deck, an amazing place for relaxing with up to 5 other First Class and Business Class passengers. Included in the Upper Deck are the power supply and connectivity ports as well as a lobby. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does they offer any special in-flight meals?

Yes! Etihad offers special in-flight meals for passengers with dietary, religious, or medical requirements as well as for children. All the meals onboard Etihad aircraft are Halal. Guests can also choose their special meals during booking.

2. How can I request a wheelchair?

If you need any of Etihad’s special services such as a wheelchair, you should request them during your Etihad Airways reservations or at least 72 hours before the scheduled flight departure.

3. Can I get a refund for an Economy Space seat?

All Economy Space seats are non-refundable and non-transferable. Etihad will only refund your Economy Space seat amount if the flight is canceled and it’s the airline’s responsibility or if the Economy Space seat isn’t available due to aircraft change.

4. Is it possible for me to book and pay for an airport transfer?

Yes! Etihad’s Airport Transfer service helps all guests regardless of their booking class throughout the airline’s global network, except for the United Arab Emirates, via Conxxe to book and pay for an airport transfer. Passengers can also earn Etihad Guest Miles anytime they book via the airline.

5. How can I book a group flight?

Group travel booking must be made at the airline’s sales office or through a dedicated group system which can be accessed as directed by airline. Guests can’t book a group ticket via travel agencies as they aren’t permitted by Etihad. All travelers ought to book together on the same flight’s departure dates during booking.


Hopefully, you can now get started with your flight booking without any problem. However, if you still have further queries regarding Etihad Airways booking, please contact the Etihad customer service helpdesk any time and a staff member will get to answer and help you carry out the booking process easier.

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