Quicklook on Easyjet Customer Service And Policies

EasyJet Airlines is a relatively old flag carrier in Britain. This airline was started in 1995 and has proven its worth over these decades. At the moment, The airline has employed over 15,000 employees. That tells you how big this airline is.

You won’t believe this; The airline boasts of having over 342 planes. No wonder the airline flies to nearly 140 different destinations spread across the globe. In 2019, EasyJet pocketed over $350 million from the millions of customers who booked EasyJet reservations.

The headquarters of airline is in Luton in the United Kingdom. Unknown to many people, EasyGroup is the parent company of EasyJet Airlines.

Easyjet customer service

Easyjet Phone Number Details

Easyjet Reservations Phone Number+1-855-936-1490
Easyjet Customer Service USA+1-855-936-1490
Holiday Team0330 365 5000
Customer Service Line UK+44330 365 5000
For Cancel, Refund or Change Flights+44330 365 5000
Delayed Baggage Help0330 365 0070

Easyjet International Phone Number

CountryPhone Number
United Kingdom0330 (365 5000)
France0806 (141141)
Denmark(458988) (1032)
Austria0820 (320 950)
Portugal707-50 (0176)
Italy199-201 (840)
Croatia0601 (90199)
Greece211-198 (0013)
Netherlands0900 (040 1048)
Switzerland0848 (282828)
For Other Countries+44330 (3655454)

How to Book an EasyJet Reservations

If you wish to buy an air ticket, you can choose either an online or an offline ticket booking option. They gives you the freedom to capitalize on whichever option works for you. Here are the options at your disposal;

  • Book a flight online: a passenger is free to visit www.easyjet.com to reserve a flight. Once you get to the site, click on the ‘Flights’ option. After that, provide vital flight details such as the type of flight and the number of passengers. You’ll get a full list of all scheduled flights for selection purposes.
  • Book on mobile app: another option is to book the reservation on the EasyJet Airlines mobile application. You’ll have to follow the same steps as someone booking the flight on the airline’s website. If you complete the booking process successfully, you’ll be assigned an EasyJet reservations phone number.
  • Send customer support an email; unlike before, you can request booking assistance by email. Kindly feel at liberty to request assistance on customer.support@easyjet.com
  • Contact EasyJet customer service USA: better still, you can get in touch with customer care to request a booking service. Feel free to dial 00 44 330 365 5454 to talk to a live person. Commonly, EasyJet customer service doesn’t charge travelers for the service.
Easyjet Reservations

Flight Check-in Process

Surprisingly, the flight check-in opens at least 30 days before the flight. Therefore you have to complete this at least 2 hours before your flight. Let’s explore some of the EasyJet Airlines flight check-in options you can consider;

  • Web check-in: today, you can visit www.easyjet.com to confirm a reservation. Kindly click on the ‘Check-in Option’ to start the ticket confirmation process. You’ll have to sign in to provide the necessary details and check-in for the flight.
  • Confirm at the airport: alternately, you can visit the departing airport to confirm your reservation. Please remember that the deadline for checking in is 2 hours before the flight. For this reason, it’s important to arrive there early lest you miss your flight.

If you experience any challenge when confirming your reservation, you can call the EasyJet customer service USA number. They’ll always on standby to help you in any way they can.

In-Flight Amenities

They offers several in-flight amenities to the customers. However, you must know that the airline will charge you a small fee to access some of these in-flight amenities. Here are some of the amenities that you’ll get on EasyJet Airlines planes.

  • In-flight entertainment: The airline has an incredible onboard system for the customers. For this reason, you can easily access entertaining content such as games, movies, and audiobooks for free.
  • Charging ports: passengers will be happy to know that all planes feature charging ports. Therefore you can charge your electronic device during the flight. The impressive news is that the airline won’t charge you an extra fee for this.
  • Food and drinks: all passengers are entitled to delicious food during the flight upon request. However, you must know that the airline does not include food in the booking fee. Hence you’ll have to pay that from your pocket.

Baggage Policy

They allows customers to carry baggage if they wish to fly. All passengers who would like to fly with luggage must familiarize themselves with all the baggage policies. Below is a full list of these policies.

  • A travel bag needs to measure 45 centimeters by 36 centimeters by 20 centimeters.
  • Each travel bag needs to fit in the overhead locker.
  • Each travel bag should not weigh more than 23 kilograms.
  • Checked baggage needs to have a total dimension of under 275 centimeters.
  • Oversized luggage must measure 56 centimeters by 45 centimeters by 25 centimeters.
  • Overweight travel bags will attract a minimum baggage fee of $65 each.

EasyJet Cancellation Policy

The airline allows a customer to cancel a reservation if they so, please. The good news is that if you cancel the air ticket within 24 hours, you pay no flight cancellation fee. Once that duration expires, you’ll have to pay a flight cancellation service charge.

Here are some of the ticket cancellation options you can explore;

  • Call customer service: you’re free to request a customer care representative to cancel your EasyJet online booking. However, that will attract an administrative fee of $47 per air ticket.
  • Cancel the reservation online: a traveler is free to visit www.easyjet.com to cancel an EasyJet reservations. Kindly sign in first before you manage your reservation. It’s sensible to first confirm the status of the reservation before altering it. Remember that the EasyJet cancellation policy solely applies to valid reservations.

If you cancel the Easyjet reservations online after 24 hours, the airline will charge you a minimum service charge of $36, for each reservation you cancel.

Flight Change Policy

The airline has a reasonable flight change policy for its customers. This policy allows you to change a valid reservation. Kindly alter the reservation first before you complete the flight check-in process.

Today, the airline will charge you a minimum flight change fee of $30 to re-book. The good news is that you’re free to change a flight 14 days before the flight. First, confirm whether your preferred flight is available to avoid any inconveniences.

Below are some flight change options that you can consider;

  • Change a flight online: nobody stops you from visiting www.easyjet.com to change your reservation. Please click on the Manage Booking option, then navigate to the ‘Change Flight’ option.
  • On mobile app: alternately, you can manage your flight on the EasyJet Airlines mobile app. Once you open the application, navigate to the Manage booking, and click on the ‘Change Flight’ option. The next step is to enter the details of your preferred flight, then complete the onscreen flight change steps.
  • Contact customer care: lastly, they allows customers to get in touch with customer care to ask them to change their EasyJet flight reservations. You can dial +44330-365-5000 to speak to a live customer care representative.

About EasyJet Customer Service USA

The airline has employed over 15000 employees. Out of this, Easyjet customer service agents form a large percentage to help customers upon request. Technically customer care agents are usually available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm every day. Therefore you’re free to connect with them either by direct calling or by chatting on social media. Customer care representatives offer a wide range of services related to air tickets. For example, you can request a customer care representative to help you complete an EasyJet book flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does customer service charge travelers for the service they offer?

Yes, they do! Sometimes, EasyJet customer service will charge you for offering a service to you. For instance, if you request an agent to cancel an air ticket, they’ll charge you $47 for the service.
On the bright side, customer support does not charge travelers for all the services they offer to them.

2. Does Airlines have a toll-free Easyjet phone number?

No, they don’t! The impressive news is that service providers will only charge you a small fee per minute. However, international passengers will have to pay a higher rate per minute. You can opt for other communication options such as email or a chat if you find calling too costly.

3. Does EasyJet recognize third party tickets?

Yes, they do! You can book an EasyJet reservations via a third party. The downside is that most of EasyJet Airlines’ travel policies do not apply to such reservations. For instance, if you need to change the flight, you’ll need to contact the respective travel agency.

4. Can I book a holiday online?

Yes, you can! All you need to do is to visit www.easyjet.com and click on the ‘Book Holiday’ option. After that, you need to provide details such as your preferred destination, travel dates, number of rooms, among others. Once you click the ‘Search’ option, you’ll get to see the full list of all the holidays available for you.

5. What should I do if EasyJet cancels my flight?

If EasyJet Airlines cancels a flight, you can request to be fixed on the next flight to the same destination. In such a case, the airline won’t charge any service charge as it’s not your fault.

6. What happens if the airline diverts my flight?

If the airline diverts a flight, they do all they can to get you to your destination. In some cases, the airline may ask you to make your own arrangements.

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