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About Bahamasair

Bahamasair Airlines is a reputable flag carrier that was established in 1973. As you can tell from the airline’s name, They operates in the Bahamas. Today, the airlines’ headquarter is in Nassau. You won’t believe this, The airline flies to over 30 different destinations, both local and international.

Therefore travelers are at liberty to book Bahamasair reservations to different destinations. Unknown to some, this airline has a staggering fleet size of 10. Over the years, the airline has partnered with other flag carriers such as Spirit Airlines reservations and JetBlue Airlines reservations.

Bahamasair customer service

Bahamasair Phone Number Details

Bahamasair Customer Service USA+1-855-936-1490
For Reservations1-242-702-4140
Admin Office1-242-702-4100
Toll Free from the Family Islands1-242-300-8359
United States of America ( Toll Free )1-800-222-4262
Marketing & Sales1-242-702-4111
Frequent Flyer Office1 (242) (702-4114) or 1 (242) (377-845)
Baggage Helpline1-242-377-8451 ext. 2132/2156 and Email :
International Flight
Bahamasair Group Reservations1-242-702-0034 and Email:
Jet Charters1 (242) (702-4114) and Email :
Corporate Sales
Accounts Payable

Freeport and Family Island Airports Phone Numbers

Freeport Phone Number1 (242) 352-8345/ 1 (242) 352-2180
Abaco (Treasure Cay) Contact1 (242) 365-8601
Abaco (Marsh Harbour)1 (242) 367-2095
Inagua Phone Number1 (242) 339-1680
San Salvador Helpline1 (242) 331-2920
Acklins (Spring Point)1 (242) 344-3169
Long Island (Deadman’s Cay)1 (242) 337-0536
Mayaguana Contact Number1 (242) 339-3020
Exuma (George Town)1 (242) 345-0035
Crooked Island Contact1 (242) 344-2590
Eleuthera (North Eleuthera)1 (242) 335-1152
Eleuthera (Governor’s Harbour)1 (242) 332-2648
Eleuthera (Rock Sound) Phone Number1 (242) 334-2125

How to Make a Bahamasair Reservations

The airline has the most reasonable booking policy. Thanks to this policy travelers, can either explore an online or an offline option to book an air ticket. If you complete the booking successfully, They will email you the Bahamasair reservations number. Here are some of these online and offline flight booking modes;

  • Book a flight on the official website: firstly, one can book a reservation on Once you visit the website, start by clicking on the Book Flight option. After that, you should select your preferred flight whether you prefer Multi-City, a One way, or a Roundtrip.
  • Reserve a flight on Bahamasair mobile app: recently, Bahamasair Airlines launched a mobile application. You’re free to use this mobile app to book a reservation. You’ll follow the same booking steps as someone booking a reservation online.
  • Phone customer service: the third option is to get in touch with customer care directly. Don’t hesitate to call the toll-free Bahamasair customer service number +1-242-702-4140. Passengers in the US can call +1-855-936-1490 at any time to request immediate help.
  • Email Bahamasair customer support: the good news is that the airline permits you to send customer service an email. This option is available for both local and international passengers. Kindly reach the team of customer care on

Here’s some good news, they allows cashless payment. For this reason, you can either use your credit card or debit card to pay the flight fee. A traveler can only pay in cash if they book the reservation at the airport.

Bahamasair reservations

Flight Check-in Process

Bahamasair is among the few airlines with a customer-friendly flight check-in policy. Technically, the check-in policy opens at least 24 hours and closes 2 hours for international flights. For domestic Bahamasair booking, the check-in process shuts at least 45 minutes to departure time.

Here’s are some of the flight check-in options that you can take advantage of;

  • Web check-in: one is free to visit to confirm their reservation. Please click on the ‘Online check-in’ option next to the Book Flight option. You’ll be prompted to enter flight details such as your confirmation number and your surname, then click on the Check-in button.
  • Confirm the ticket at the airport: a second option is to confirm the reservation at the airport. Kindly consider arriving at the airport a few hours in advance to avoid missing your flight. Typically, the check-in process closes at least 45 minutes at the airport. 

In-Flight Amenities

Bahamasair enjoys an enviable reputation for different reasons. However, the main reason for this is because the airline has several fancy in-flight amenities. Any flyer who completes a Bahamasair book a flight is entitled to some of these in-flight amenities. Such facilities include;

  • In-flight magazine: The airline publishes a magazine every three months for the passengers. You’re free to read this fascinating and informative magazine during the flight.
  • Onboard bathroom: the impressive news is that the airline has an in-flight bathroom. Usually, passengers can access this incredible facility for free during the flight. However, you must first notify customer care for apparent reasons.
  • Power ports: some of the Bahamasair Airlines have power outlets. For this reason, you can charge your electronic device during the flight. You’ll be happy to know that they doesn’t demand the customer to pay any fee to use this in-flight amenity.
  • Leather seats; you’ll not get more comfortable leather seats than those of Bahamasair Airlines. Each passenger is entitled to one of these fancy leather seats. The beauty of these seats is that you can convert them to a flatbed and enjoy good quality sleep.

Baggage Policy

They allows travelers to fly with luggage to whichever destination they please. However, customers must be willing to abide by the baggage policy in place. One is free to add it, to their Bahamasair online booking when checking in the reservation. Here are some of these policies in detail.

  • A customer can carry checked baggage to the plane. However, the checked luggage must not weigh more than 23 kilograms.
  • Each passenger can only carry a maximum of 3 checked travel bags.
  • Please ensure that none of your checked travel bags has total dimensions of over 62 inches.
  • Passengers can carry overweight baggage but will have to pay a baggage fee of at least $85 per travel bag.
  • They does not allow any overweight travel bag that weighs more than 45 kilograms.

Bahamasair Cancellation Policy

Travelers have a reason to make merry as the airline has a reasonable flight cancellation policy. You can cancel your reservation if you no longer wish to travel. Bahamasair 24-hour cancellation policy allows you to cancel your reservation within 24 hours.

The beauty of canceling the flight within 24 hours is that you do not pay any flight cancellation fee. If you delay beyond that period, you’ll need to cough up a service charge of at least $100. Ordinarily, the airline deducts this service fee from the already paid booking fee.

Kindly note that Bahamasair Airlines solely applies to valid bookings. For this reason, you must cancel the reservation before the air ticket expires. Remember that once the reservation becomes invalid, it becomes both non-refundable and non-cancellable.

Flight Change Policy

The airline has the best flight change policy for the customers. A customer can change a reservation as long as the ticket is still valid. However, you must know that the airline will charge you a small flight change fee.

Kindly note that you must change your flight before the stipulated departure time. Here are some of the ways of re-booking.

  • Call customer service: one can connect with customer care to request re-booking services. Usually, customer support won’t charge you any service charge.
  • Visit the airport: alternatively, you can opt to visit the airport to request customer care to change the reservation for you. Don’t forget to ask any security officer to direct you to the customer help desk.
  • On Bahamasair reservations official option: the last option is to re-book on Bahamasair Airlines official site. Kindly follow the simple on-screen instructions to change your reservation successfully.

Bahamasair Customer Service

The airline is well-known for having the warmest customer care representatives. You’re free to get in touch with customer service if you need any form of assistance. Customers who need help in booking Bahamasair cheap tickets can call customer support. Kindly dial +1-242-702-4140 or +1-855-936-1490 to talk to a live person at Bahamasair.

If customer care representatives are unreachable, you can explore other options. For instance, you can chat with a Bahamasair customer service agent on any of social media pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change my flight after the departure time?

No, you can’t! Remember that once the flight takes off, your reservation immediately becomes both non-refundable and non-cancellable. Therefore you cannot rely on the same travel funds for an alternative flight.
The only option is to book another flight from your pocket. That explains why you must re-book before the flight to avoid losing your hard-earned travel funds.

2. Does Bahamasair Airlines offer assistance to expectant passengers?

Yes, they do! However, customers must know that a pregnant passenger can only fly if their obstetrician gives you the nod. You’ll be required to provide a medical certificate to prove that your doctor okayed your travel.
Additionally, they offers special services to customers upon request. Therefore you’ll have to contact customer care for at least 48 hours in advance to request help.

3. Does the airline offer oxygen?

Unfortunately, the airline does not offer in-flight therapeutic oxygen. Therefore you ought to carry your own POCs. Customers must notify customer care about the same soon after they book Bahamasair flights.

4. Does Bahamasair Airlines offer cargo services?

Yes, they do! Usually, the airline offers more cargo services to domestic destinations such as North Eleuthera and San Salvador. For instance, you can transport a television that measures between 32 inches to 55 inches for at most $100
Additionally, you can also transport shipped packages as well as packaged containers. Kindly visit to see the full details on all the cargo services available for you.

5. Can I rent a car on Bahamasair Airlines official site?

Yes, you can! All you need to do is to visit the airline’s official option. Once you visit the website, click on the ‘More options’ button. Then click on the Rent Cars to be directed to the Gogo Florida website.
You’ll be required to fill in some details such as the pickup location and the drop off location.

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