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Asiana Airlines is a well-known flag carrier in South Korea. This airline was started in 1988 and has grown by leaps and bounds ever since. Today the headquarters of Asiana Airlines is in Seoul in South Korea. Interestingly at the moment, this airline has employed over 10,000 employees.

Unknown to some, the airline has an eye-popping fleet size of over 80. No wonder the airline flies to over 80 different destinations. These include both domestic and international destinations. You won’t believe that Kumho Asiana Group is the parent company of Asiana Airlines. Connect with Asiana Airlines customer service number USA +1-855-936-1490 and need assistance on any issues.

Asiana Airlines customer service

Asiana Airlines Phone Number and Details

Flight Ticket Booking Helpdesk1 (800) 227-4262
Asiana Airlines Customer Service Number USA+1-855-936-1490
Flight Change and Refunds Contact1 (800) 227-4262
Group Travel Booking1-800-227-4262

Asiana Airlines Customer Service Numbers

CountryPhone Number Information’s
Asiana Airlines Phone Number USA+1-855-936-1490
Korea Phone Number+82-2 (2669-8000)
(Within Korea : 1588-8000, 02-2669-8000)
Germany+49-69 (9210 190)
United Kingdom Contact+44 845 (602 9900)
Contact Number of China+86-10 (8451-0101)
{Within China : 400 (650-8000) }
ItalyRome : +39-06 (6595-26975)
Venice : +39 041 (260-5552)
Singapore Contact Information’s+65-6225-3866
Sydney+61-2 (9260-4300)
Turkey Customer Support Number+90-212 (256-4144)
Japan Phone Number+81-3-5812-6600
{Within Japan : 0570 (082-555) }

How to Make an Asiana Airlines Reservation

The airline understands the significance of convenient booking options. For this reason, they offer multiple reliable ticket booking options. Nowadays, you can either complete a reservation online or offline.

As long as you complete all the steps, you’ll get an Asiana Airlines reservations number. Here are some of these options available for you.

  • Book a flight online: firstly, you can book a reservation on Kindly click the flight booking option to start the ticket booking process. After that, select your preferred type of flight, provide flight details such as destination, point of departure, and the travel dates.
  • Contact customer center: a less convenient option is to contact customer care. A customer care representative won’t mind helping to complete the Asiana Airlines online booking. Please get in touch with customer care directly by calling +1-800-227-4262.
  • Email customer care: the third option is to send customer care an email. Today, you can reach customer care on A representative will book the flight for you upon receipt.
Asiana Airlines Phone Number USA

Flight Check-in Process

The airline demands that all travelers confirm their reservations before the flight. Usually, web check-in opens at least 48 hours in advance. Let’s explore some of the ticket confirmation options on the table.

  • Web check-in: technically, a client can confirm a reservation on Please click on the Check-in option once you visit this website. You’ll be required to provide vital information such as your boarding date and the reservation number.
  • Check-in at the airport: another option is to confirm your reservation at the airport. Upon arrival at the airport, report to the Asiana Airlines customer service USA help desk.

Always remember to print your boarding pass after flight check-in. Asiana Airline’s representative will ask for it at the airport before they clear you for the flight.

In-Flight Amenities

The airline spares no effort in guaranteeing the comfort of the travelers. For instance, you’ll realize that all planes feature multiple in-flight amenities. Below is a full list of all these in-flight amenities available for you.

  • Cabin Wi-Fi: passengers can take advantage of the cabin Wi-Fi. However, the charges for using this amenity are not included in the reservation. You’ll need to pay $12 to access Wi-Fi for an hour. On the other hand, if you wish to access it during the entire flight, you’ll have to part with $22.
  • Beddings: the airline cares for its passengers. For this reason, the airline offers each international passenger a traveler’s kit. The kit contains a full bedding set to ensure that you’re comfortable during the night.
  • Slippers: there’s no other airline that gives passengers slippers. You can take off your shoes and put on a pair of slippers to be comfortable during the flight.
  • In-flight entertainment: passengers can access entertaining content such as the latest movies and documentaries. The good news is that Asiana Airlines equally has fast-speed internet for streaming these movies live.

Baggage Policy

All customers who book Asiana Airlines flight tickets can carry baggage. However, travelers must commit to the size and weight restrictions in place. Here is a summary of all Asiana Airlines baggage policies.

  • Checked baggage can only have a maximum total dimension of 158 centimeters.
  • Business-class travelers enjoy a baggage allowance of 32 kilograms.
  • Economy class passengers are entitled to a checked baggage allowance of 23 kilograms.
  • Each customer can only carry a maximum of 2 travel bags.
  • Oversized baggage must not surpass a total dimension of 292 centimeters.
  • Overweight luggage attracts an additional baggage fee of at least $100.
  • Overweight baggage must not exceed 45 kilograms.

Asiana Airlines Flight Cancellation and Refund Policy

Asiana Airlines flight cancellation policy allows you to cancel an air ticket. The good news is that you need not explain to customer care. Today the airline has a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel the reservation within 24 hours, you don’t pay a service charge.

If you delay beyond 24 hours, you’ll have to part with a cancellation fee of $200.Ordinarily, The airline deducts the service fee from the already paid booking fee. Once the customer support processes your refund, they channel the refund to the passenger who paid the booking fee.

You can contact customer support if you need assistance in canceling the reservation. Better still, you can visit to revoke the reservation on your own.

Flight Change Policy

Passengers are free to change their reservation if they so wish. However, you must note that the airline will charge you a minimum flight change fee of $70.Below are some of the re-booking options that you can consider.

  • Contact customer support; the first option is to call Asiana Airline’s customer care hotline. You’ll be relieved to know that his phone number is toll-free. Please have all the flight details ready to make the process fast.
  • On Asiana Airlines mobile app: recently, They launched a mobile app. Travelers are free to change their Asiana Airlines reservation on this application. You’ll only have to follow a few simple instructions to complete the re-booking successfully.
  • Send customer center an email: another option is to request for re-booking service via email. Anyone can reach customer care on Please include all the necessary flight details in your email. These days the airline acts upon emails within 24 hours once they receive them.

Customers need to confirm their flight status after re-booking. If your re-booking does not reflect, don’t hesitate to contact customer support right away for immediate assistance.

Know Asiana Airlines Customer Service Information’s

Asiana Airlines customer service makes it easier for travelers to connect with customer care agents. You can contact customer care if you need any form of assistance. For example, you can request a representative to help you complete an Asiana Airlines book flight. Today, you can contact customer service directly by calling the Asiana Airlines phone number USA +1-855-936-1490.

Alternatively, you can chat with the agents on social media. However, customer care agents are only available during office hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I fail to turn for a flight?

If you fail to turn up for a flight, the airline cancels your reservation. Unfortunately, you risk losing your travel funds. These days the airline will charge you a small no-show fee. If you will not be available for the flight, consider notifying customer care. The agents will find a suitable replacement for you and refund you.

2. Are there items that Asiana Airlines does not allow one to carry?

Yes, there are! Therefore do not add any of these items to your travel bag. Remember that the airline always inspects all travel bags before they permit the passengers to load them onto the plane. Here is a list of some of these items.
Flammable items such as tear gas
Electric wheelchairs
Alcoholic beverages
Electronic cigarettes
Lithium batteries

Violation of this baggage policy may lead to the automatic cancellation of your reservation. In such a case, you’re not entitled to any refund.

3. Does Asiana Airlines offer chat support?

No, they don’t! However, you can contact customer service directly on the phone. Alternatively, you can choose to send the agents an email,they will be of help. They’ll be more than glad to serve at no additional charges.
Another option is to link up with the agent on any of the airline’s social media pages. However, you ought to remember that customer care agents are only available during office hours.

4. Is there a baggage allowance for a domestic flight?

Yes, there is! For Economy class, travelers can enjoy a baggage allowance of 20 kilograms. For an infant, you can carry a stroller, an infant car seat, or a bassinet for free. Other passengers enjoy a more generous baggage allowance for domestic flights.

5. Does Asiana Airlines offer online coupons?

Yes, it does! A passenger can use this coupon to pay for an online booking. Please start by downloading the coupon on Please log in and use your online coupon to complete a booking.

6. How will I know about available travel deals?

Kindly visit official website to see all available travel deals and offers. Usually, the airline posts all the deals on its official website. The good news is that one can equally use Asiana Airlines mobile app to see all these offers.
Alternatively, you can contact customer care to ask about the same. If you choose to ask via email, the agent will most likely send you the link to all available deals.

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