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About Airlines

Alitalia were established in 1946 and have been one of the best airlines since then. From 1946-2020, the Alitalia reservations has been growing brilliantly and with huge grace. The Airline is growing day-by-day because of its practicality and dedicated attitude. 

They always functions toward providing the best deals to the customers at the most affordable and reasonable costs. These facilities may be included or excluded in the tickets according to the wish of the passengers. We also have on-point and perfect Inflight amenities for the customers that they surely would never experience with any other airlines. The Alitalia reservations number is +1-855-936-1490, dial and book tickets now.

Alitalia Reservations

In-Flight Amenities

They serves its customers in the best possible way and tries its level best to make them happy and satisfied for making us their travel partners. Other than a great deal of offers and opportunities, we also provide various Inflight amenities to the passengers to make their journey incredible and much more interesting. 

These Inflight amenities can be food, Internet availability, beverages & soft drinks, etc. The advanced ones are included in the flight tickets of the passengers according to their wish and convenience, while, on the other hand, the basic amenities are provided to them free of cost and in the easiest ways possible. This surely helps in the fun and enjoyment of all our passengers and makes us happy looking at them too. 

Baggage Policy

Our baggage policies are quite clear and specific and we do not tend to compromise them at all. This specificity of our policies has made it possible for us to prevail in flight reservations all over the world. 

Our baggage policies are mentioned on the airport at various places and are also specifically included on the flight tickets of the customers. All the details can be clearly seen on the online booking website and also can be informed by us to the customers through our helpline and Alitalia customer service numbers. 

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policies of the flights are clearly instructed to the customers as soon as they select the book flight option and enter the details there. These cancellation policies are very easy to achieve and comfortable ones and are made this way only for the betterment of the customers.

The cancellation of the flight tickets is allowed only 72, 48, or 24 hours before the boarding of the flight and this is our non-flexible policy. This option is clearly mentioned below the flight check in option on the online website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of customers eventually mean a lot of questions which can be easy as well as difficult. For some questions, we may have proper solutions with us beforehand itself, and for the others, even we would still be inventing the answers. But, in any way, questions are the first step to the invention and therefore they should never be neglected or ignored.

Some of those simple, as well as inventory questions asked by the customers can be described in detail with their adequate answers as follows-

1. How is the sitting arrangement done for the passengers? Is it comfortable and flexible?

Yes, the sitting arrangements are extremely flexible and comfortable. All the seats are arranged at a safe distance from each other and give proper comfort to each and every passenger.

2. The in-flight rules are explained in how many languages?

The in-flight rules are properly and clearly explained in at least 2-3 commonly spoken languages so that people will understand them better and follow them at the time of emergency.

3. What are the cleanliness measures taken inside the flight?

The flight is properly cleaned and sanitized before the passengers board it. This is done after each trip in both the boarding and landing places to ensure proper safety of the passengers.

4. What is the refund policy for the flight tickets if the customers cancel them?

The refund policies are very simple and convenient and ensure total privacy and security of the customers. The refunds are usually made within 24-48 hours of the cancellation of flight tickets.

5. What if the customers pay for the flight tickets in cash?

If the customer’s wish to pay for their flight tickets in cash, they can surely do so. In all the payment methods, the customers will get a proper receipt that will have every detail about the flight mentioned on it.


Alitalia has only one purpose, and that is to serve all its passengers and the customers in the best way possible. For this purpose, we make sure that all things fall in the proper place and we make a great flying experience for all of our passengers and fulfill all their requirements throughout the journey. This is our prime motto and we serve and strive for it as much as we can.

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