About Air Dolomiti

Air Dolomiti is a highly reputable flag carrier in Italy. This airline was started in 1989 and has won the hearts of millions of travelers. Today the headquarters of Air Dolomiti is in Villafranca di Verona. You’ll be surprised to know that Air Dolomiti Airlines has employed over 700 employees.

Passengers will be happy to know that the airline flies to nearly 0 destinations. Therefore, flyers can book Air Dolomiti reservations to fly domestically or internationally.

Air Dolomiti customer service

How to Make an Air Dolomiti Reservations

Air Dolomiti booking policy provides several flight booking options. The impressive news is that the airline offers both online and offline booking options. Below are some of the options available for you.

a) Online flight booking

Firstly, you’re free to visit www.airdolomiti.eu to book a reservation. Please click the ‘More Options’ button once you visit the website. You’ll then need to click the ‘Book’ option then select the ‘Book Your Flight’ option.

The next option is to enter the necessary details such as:

  • Return date
  • Total number of travelers
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Travel date
  • Cabin class

b) Call customer support

Alternatively, you can call Air Dolomiti customer service to ask for assistance. Feel free to dial +1-855-936-1490 to speak to a live customer care agent. The good news is that customer care agents are reachable throughout the week.

Once the agent books the flight for you, they’ll send you a flight confirmation email. The email will contain essential details such as the Air Dolomiti reservations number. Please keep these details well as you may need them later on.

Flight Check-in Process

All passengers need to complete the flight check-in process before the flight. Lucky for you, the airline offers multiple flight confirmation options. Below is a list of flight check-in options.

a) Web check-in

Passengers need to check-in their air tickets before the flight. You’ll be relieved to know that Air Dolomiti flight check-in offers multiple flight confirmation options. Here are the two options available for you.

  • Online flight check-in: you can visit www.airdolomiti.eu to confirm your Air Dolomiti online booking. Ordinarily, this process opens at least 24 hours before the flight. Kindly click the ‘Online Check-in’ option once you visit the site. You’ll need to provide your ticket number and full names.
  • Confirm it at the airport: the second option is to confirm your air ticket at the departure airport. There are multiple customer care agents at each of these airports. They’ll be more than glad to check in the air ticket for you.

In-Flight Amenities

The airline planes feature multiple in-flight facilities. More often than not, travelers need to pay up an additional amount to access some of these facilities. Some of the notable in-flight amenities include:

  • Inflight entertainment: the airline has a perfect inflight entertainment system. Thanks to it, passengers can access the latest movies and other entertaining videos. The good news is that you won’t have to cough up an extra fee to access this.
  • Inflight magazines: secondly, flyers can access newspapers, journals as well as magazines online. Similarly, you won’t have to pay any fee to access this.

Baggage Policy

One is free to carry luggage when flying with Air Dolomiti. You’ll be happy to know that customers can add baggage when checking in their Air Dolomiti flight tickets. Here is a list of these policies.

  • Economy Light travelers can bring checked luggage of up to 8 kilograms.
  • Economy class flyers can bring checked baggage of 23 kilograms.
  • Each luggage bag must not have product dimensions of over 158 centimeters.
  • Business-class travelers can carry maximum checked baggage of 32 kilograms.

Prohibited Goods

Please note that the airline prohibits travelers from carrying some items. Below is a list of some of these forbidden items.

  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Gas cylinders
  • Fuel
  • Lithium batteries
  • Cigarettes
  • Pesticides
  • Sprays

Air Dolomiti Cancellation Policy

One is at liberty to cancel a reservation if they do not wish to fly anymore. However, travelers can only cancel valid Air Dolomiti booking tickets. Unlike other airlines, Air Dolomiti has a 24-hour flight cancellation policy.

If you cancel an air ticket within 24-hours, you deserve a full refund. Once this period expires, you’ll need to pay a small flight cancellation fee. Usually, the airline charges a minimum flight cancellation fee of $100.

Understandably, the airline deducts this service charge from the already paid flight fee. If you want partial repayment, you’ll only get it if the cancellation fee is less than the refund.

Flight Change Policy

A customer can change a valid Air Dolomiti online booking. You can either opt to complete this process on www.airdolomiti.eu or call any airine’s hotlines. If you opt to change the flight online, you’ll have to follow a few steps.

Travelers need to read the airfare rules before they complete this process. Please note that you cannot cancel some Air Dolomiti flight tickets. Commonly, the airline charges a small non-refundable flight change fee.

About Air Dolomiti Customer Service

Customers can dial the Air Dolomiti customer service number if they need urgent assistance. If you’re in Germany, you can dial +49-089-975-804-497 to talk to an agent. Alternately one can dial +1-855-936-1490 to request assistance from an agent.

Nowadays, customers can chat with Air Dolomiti customer service on social media. The airline has pages on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I book a group booking?

Yes, you can! You’ll have to visit www.airdolomiti.eu and navigate to Group Bookings. Once you get to the section, click on the ‘Group requests’ options. Here are some of the crucial details you must provide.
First name 
Email address
Total number of travelers

Please note that a group must comprise of at least ten members or more.

2. Can I fly with my underage daughter?

Yes, you can! However, you’ll have to cough up an additional airfare. Apart from that, you’ll have to produce essential travel documents such as a birth certificate and passport. If your child is under five years, you can carry them on your lap.

3. I have a walking disability. Can I request special services?

Yes, you can! Kindly visit www.airdolomiti.eu and navigate to the ‘Fly’ section. You’ll then need to select the ‘Special assistance’ option. Here’s some good news the airline does not charge a fee for these services.

4. Can my 17-year old son fly alone with Air Dolomiti?

Yes, he can! The good news is that such a traveler can choose a minor travel service if they please. Apart from that, such a traveler will have to provide written permission from their bona fide parent.
If you choose the unaccompanied minor service, you’ll have to pay an additional $85. Kindly escort your child to the departure airport and suggest a suitable pick-up point.

5. Can I fly with my pet?

Yes, you can! However, you must know that Air Dolomiti charges a reasonable pet fare. Ordinarily, the airline recommends that you carry the pet in a well-ventilated pet container.

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