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How Do I Change My Seat on Air Canada?

With Air Canada, you have the opportunity to make the selection of your seat in advance. Your preferred seat on flight gives you lavishness with comfort. Advance selection of seats has many advantages. It helps to get extra legroom in the window or aisle chair. Moreover, it is free of cost service that the passengers can avail themselves with Air Canada.

What is the Advantage of the Air Canada Seat?

The 10/4 cm space between two seats gives you an added advantage. You can place your knees comfortably in the flight cabin. When you confirm the chair of your likeness, your boarding is going to get completed very soon. With a comfortable sitting arrangement, there will be a quick exit when you reach the destination. With so huge sitting area you will enjoy the easy access of the bin overhead.  No, you need not be so worried about the fare of your preferred chair. The charges vary from CAD/USD $17 to $299.

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But you will be very upset when you face severe interruption in getting your favorite seats on board. You can change it with the Air Canada seat change. They have a policy for their customers. You should follow to change your seating after your flight is confirmed.  According to that policy, the rules or the procedures to alter seat depends on the fare type.  Presently you can see the conditions clearly at the time of reservation.

If your reserved seat having any price cut, your change seat in Air Canada is too hard. On the other hand, your reservation with the full flexibility of airfare wants a small cost for changing. Visit the Air Canada website online to get more information about Air Canada reservations and seat changes procedures.

Still, if you are in trouble to know the reservation procedures or the booking of a seat, offline or online, you should contact the customer care representative on +1-855-936-1490. Ask how do I change my seat on Air Canada and request instant help. They will guide you properly. However, this informative article will help you find the easiest method for your Air Canada seat at once.

Steps to Reserve a Seat in Air Canada

The easy-to-follow steps what you should follow when changing your air Canada seat:

  • Visit the official website of Air Canada airlines at to start booking your seat(s).
  • Clicking on the log-in tab will permit you to access the next procedures if you give your full-proof ID.
  • Go to the ‘manage booking’ section to choose your preferred flight for your destination.
  • Enter the last call(s) of the passengers along with a valid phone no to confirm the reservation
  • Click on that option where you see the seating selection tab. It is in the check-in box below.
  • Click on the ‘Map’ to select your favorite seat.
  • Check out carefully all the available seats here. You will find the best sitting option provided to you.
  • Now select the total fare you will be paying for your booking.
  • When you have reached the end, you will get a confirmation of your booking. The Air Canada authority will send booking confirmation on your phone number used for your reservation.

All the steps said above will find your preferred seat on an Air Canada flight. Air Canada flight change has a similar rule to obey.

Air Canada Seat Change Procedures

If you have already made your reservation with Air Canada airlines and now want to change your seating, you can easily do that by going to the ‘My Bookings’ section. For this, you have to sign in to the official website of Air Canada. Under my bookings option, you have to look for the seats to change the link. Now make the changes by altering your primary seating with the new one.

Any Air Canada booking made with is subject to be changed up to two hours before scheduled departure. The fees for change of seat or the flight will be adjusted by the authority very soon. Pay soon if they ask for extra for the changes.

Do you want to make the changes with another airline? Okay, you only need the Air Canada flight change or change seat reference for booking given to you from Air Canada.

According to the experts, it is always an added advantage to purchase your seat in advance as the preferable chair determines your happy journey. You have another option to confirm your booking in advance. For this, you have to choose the seat in the check-in time online. You can do it either using your mobile device or at the particular kiosk in the airport given for check-in.


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