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5 Surprisingly Cheap Domestic Flights Anyone Can Afford

Winter is gone and spring is finally here. This is the time when everyone is out to find the best flight deal and take their families to the destination of choice to celebrate the spring break in a style.

Thanks to the changing travel tendencies and new air routes, some flights have now become amazingly cheap as compared to some years back. If you’re considering doing an Aeromexico booking and you don’t have much to spend, below, find a few surprisingly cheap domestic flights that anyone can afford.

Here are the Cheap Domestic Flights

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnesota has a short-lived spring that’s worth the short and affordable flight if you’re eager to go and enjoy the burgeoning beer, food scenes, and music of the Twin Cities. According to some trusted travel experts, the average airfares for the flight is about $373 and the flight deals could go down to as far as $254 round-trip. So, what should stop you from booking that flight?

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This flight allows you to switch from the spring to the fall in the Southern Hemisphere. Do your Southwest Airlines booking and experience the thrill of the South America flight through Buenos Aires. This flight makes Argentina a surprisingly cheap flight to take for a memorable spring vacation.

According to experts, a round-trip fare may decrease by nearly 30% for May average. That makes it one of the top international flight deals to take during the month. So, the average round-trip airfare for the 3 months (March, April, and May) is about $680. There’s no better place to be in May than Argentina to experience the best wine tasting without lots of crowds!


Montana is one great destination to catch up with this year. The city has become more accessible than it has ever been because of the introduction of the new flight route direct to Glacier National Park. Many carriers like Aeromexico have introduced new routes to Montana, which has made cheap domestic flights cheaper than ever.

Do a Southwest Airlines Booking and enjoy a cheap flight from the East Coast. Travel experts are also predicting up to a 25% fair fall to about $340 round-trip.

Reno, NV

Reno, NV is the city to fly to if you’re looking to save some bucks and still enjoy a memorable trip. Aeromexico Booking opportunity is available where passengers can book cheap flights to Reno-Tahoe International.

With this flight, you’ll be able to preserve lots of dollars that you can use for some other fun activities once you land in the city. At the RNO, you can experience the joys of the 7 main ski resorts of Lake Tahoe. This town is one of the few popular for individuals who seek year-round funds.

You’ll be able to enjoy a selection of sports and adventurous activities like kayaking, biking, hiking, or simply chilling out on the cool beach. There’s no better place to be, enjoy and spend less than Reno.

Dallas, TX

Some say that everything is bigger in Texas and you can experience the truth of the saying by acquiring the best domestic flight deal. One of the reasons for the lower airfares during the spring break is the competitive hub, the Dallas-Fort Worth.

You’ll also get your hands on the giant turkey legs, lots of margaritas, and unlimited BBQ. The unforgettable breakfast snack tacos are also something worth visiting. If you’ve some extra calories to shed, Dallas is rich in sports and there’s always one running every season.


You don’t need to be very rich for you to experience your favorite domestic flight. There are several flights you can enjoy at a surprisingly cheap price this spring. The cheap domestic flights are available to help you explore the various adventure locations even when you don’t have a lot to spend.


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