5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Trip to Australia in Melbourne

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Posted By: Admin 27 Feb, 2021

Australia’s Melbourne is one of the most livable cities in the world on many occasions. Melbourne is also one of the largest cities (second largest) and the State of Victoria’s capital. The city has a lot to offer, including style, beaches, architecture, sports, wineries, and music, among others. 

Below, find 5 reasons why you should start your trip to Melbourne and after that get in touch with Delta Airlines customer service to book a ticket to this amazing city. 

1. Events & Sport

Generally, there’s an event taking place in Melbourne. Sometimes it may be a sporting event like the luxurious Formula One Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup, or the Australian Open Tennis. Other times, it may be food events like the Food & Wine Festival and Night Noodle Market.

There are also amazing exhibitions that take place at the National Gallery of Victoria, concerts and music festivals, First-class musicals, the famous two fashion weeks, and the VAMFF and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. You can always secure a ticket to all these events. That means that Melbourne can never be boring!

2. The Markets

Melbourne city is one of the best shopping centers. When you travel here, come ready to take home as many items as your budget can allow. Besides being the best coffee and food capital, this Australian city is also a great shopping destination.

You’ll find countless fantastic shopping areas and so many brands to browse through and choose from as per your taste and preferences. Some of the wonderful shopping areas are in the South Yarra, CBD, and Brunswick. However, if you want to shop for some luxurious items, then go to the large shopping mall, Chadstone.

3. Coffee and Food

Coffee and Food is possibly the best thing about Melbourne for many people. The city is home to some of the very best restaurants in the country. Indeed, some of these restaurants can be considered some of the best on the globe. 

In other words, if you’re a foodie lover, Melbourne is a paradise. There are quirky brunch areas where you’ll get the sweetest berry, mascarpone, and pistachio hot cakes in the world. You’ll also find some intimate and authentic local wine centers hidden in beautiful alleyways and world-class restaurants serving the most unique and mouth watering dishes ever. 

When it comes to coffee, Melbourne is incomparable. You haven’t experienced the proper coffee if you’ve not tasted coffee in Melbourne. If you’re a coffee-lover, then it will be the first thing you should try as soon as you land in the city. 

4. Great Ocean Road

Any nature-lover will not leave Melbourne without finding some time to experience the thrill of the great ocean road. You’ll only need to get in a car-hire and explore the most gorgeous drives of Australia.

This road meanders through some stunning beaches that you’ll love to take memorable pictures back home. The great road will also pass through a fantastic rock formation and the remains of the popular 12 apostles. 

So, isn’t that a valid reason to book a flight to this Australia’s city? If you would like to book your flight and enjoy the best travel deals, call the American Airlines Telefono and speak to the American Airlines customer care for more info. 

5. Rooftops

If you can, travel to Melbourne in the summer season. The restaurants, cinemas, and bars roll out throughout the city’s rooftops to allow people to enjoy the beautiful view of the city while unwinding in balcony bars, listening to live music, and watching movies under the stars. 

The rooftops are new and innovative utilization of space and they are increasingly becoming a trend throughout Australia. The security and safety in these rooftops entertainment scenes are tights. 

One of the many people’s favorite rooftop spots is the cute Goldilocks Garden. Here, you’ll enjoy a great cocktail menu. Additionally, the Marquis of Lorne rooftop offers a more chilled and pub vibe as well as an awesome view of the city and river on a sunny day. 

Final Thought

There’s so much to enjoy in Melbourne. The above are just 5 of the many reasons why you should start a trip to the city. Book a flight by contacting the Delta Airlines customer service now for the best travel deals to this amazing region of the world. 

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