12 Wonders of the Ancient World

Wonders of the Ancient World

Posted By: Admin 9 Mar, 2021

Time-travel isn’t possible yet. However, there’s one way we can travel back in time and get ourselves lost in imagination. That’s by visiting one of these exciting 12 wonders of the ancient world. Just make a call to Delta Airlines customer service to help you with booking a flight to your favorite place.

Here are the Wonders of the Ancient World

1. Petra in Jordan

Petra is a giant city that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It once served as the capital of the ancient Nabatean kingdom. It’s a city filled with countless mysteries and wonders. Visitors to this place become amazed by the realization of the exact structures that are all made by hand. The emanating worship and praise to the sun is another wonder.

2. Chichen Itza in Mexico

Chichen Itza is situated on the Yucatan peninsula. Visitors to this place get amazed by the astronomical skills that the ancient people of Mayan had. From the stone buildings, columned arcades, staggering artwork to stone monuments, and the popular stepped Pyramid, this place is rich in incredible scenes that will take you back in time.

3. Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

The Egyptian pyramids are known for the amazing ancient construction. Anyone will be left breathless on seeing the Great Pyramid decorated by the azure blue skies. The abnormality of the construction of this huge tomb is something that anyone will struggle to understand.

4. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a series of walls connected using beacon towers. No one can dispute the wonder that once sensed seeing such a complex structure meant for protection. When you visit this place, you’ll travel back in time and be amazed by the size of this defensive construction.

5. Colosseum in Italy

One of the great wonders of the ancient world This elliptical amphitheater will get anyone marveled and envisioning the chant of the ancient Romans, the political displays, and various forms of influential entertainment that once happened here. Visitors to this place lose the sense of the busy contemporary Rome around them and become spectators to what used to take place here.

6. Sigiria in Sri Lanka

Sigiria and the surrounding gardens are a palace and an ancient site. Additionally, they are a Buddhist monastery. This place brings together a combination of carvings, history, frescoes, and intricate architecture that will take you a journey back in time. The place has a unique nature that makes everyone desperate to see more.  

7. Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Indeed, the structures and buildings on the Acropolis, Athens haven’t been preserved well as they should have. However, this ancient place is still gorgeous and has a lot to tell than just ancient history.

8. Ephesus, Turkey

There’s so much to discover about Ephesus, a classical Roman city. It has impressive preservation that centers on the Temple of Artemis and the Library of Celsus. Indeed, there’s so much to explore here. If you wish to fly here, call the United Airlines Telefono and book a flight.

9. Bagan in Myanmar, Burma

You’ll get an opportunity to explore a truly unique environment and incredible skyline here in Bagan created by an unbelievable 2200 templates and pagodas. As the accessibility of Burma increases, these templates and pagodas are gaining popularity as an ancient wonder.

10. Machu Pichu in Peru

Machu Pichu in Peru is a once-isolated Inca Empire that rises from the misty and stepped terraces that naturally blend well into the rock escarpments around. It’s certainly an ancient wonder. This amazing high range is accessible by the Inca trail. The high range is a citadel constructed of cut stone and demonstrates the true power of the Inca Empire.

11. Taj Mahal in Agra, India

Taj Mahal symbolizes love, charm, and love that discharges from the wonderful white marble. The Mughal architecture has glorious lines of symmetry and details that leave visitors staggered and wonder, learning that it was built in 22 years only.

12. Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Though it’s a little modern, this place still discharges immense ancient power. It’s the Art Deco statue of Christ that symbolizes peace and Christianity. Are you ready to travel to one of these wonders of the ancient world? Well, contact Delta customer service and get help with booking a flight.

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